Why partnering with HootBoard is an investment in the local community?

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Destination Marketing, Smart City, Touch Kiosks, Visitor Information

HootBoard typically works with Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs or Travel bureaus) to provide information to and engage visitors coming into their regions. However, the DMO and local government leaders often fail to realize the value HootBoard kiosks bring to their local community. So here I attempt to list some of these benefits.

Citizen Information

What is good for visitors is also good for citizens. Engaging your citizens to engage with their own community is all for good. Citizens can learn about local attractions, events happening in the region, or decide to patronize the local theatre.  This all adds up to a vibrant local community and help improve citizen happiness. Local governments can easily communicate with citizens and visitors alike and drive engagement and action in case of emergencies and need.

Reduces the Digital Divide

While no one wants to have it, the digital divide is real and unfortunately might be here to stay. However, kiosks are a great way to reduce the information gap by allowing all citizens to access information about programs, and services that might be helpful to them. A lot of times governments and organizations already have programs beneficial to various classes of needy citizens. The problem is they just don’t know about these services.

Fuels Local Business

Through HootBoard’s free services like the CityGuide businesses in the region get free listings across HootBoard’s kiosk network. Additionally, free promotions are available via. mobile apps, newsletters, and web-based tools. HootBoard verifies businesses via. the local Chamber and/or the tourism bureau which creates trust and protects citizens and visitors.

Keeps money in the region

This could be hard to comprehend initially. But businesses, local attractions, and organizations are always hungry for business. Given that some of these businesses routinely spend around 25% of their income on buying ads from silicon valley giants like Google and Facebook. All of this money does not remain in your region. With HootBoard based kiosk ad network, up to 75% of the ad dollars spent remain in your region. This could be billions of dollars every year depending on the size of your local economy and ad-spend.

Returning visitors = money

Your HootBoard kiosks work 24/7 so that visitors in your region find memorable experiences during their visit. Visitors are known to revisit places they had a great time at. These repeat visitors are super valuable to the local economy. Not only they tend to spend more money but could lead to future investments in regional business and real-estate. In the tourism industry, they say, it all begins with a visit. It’s very true.

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