Information kiosk for a school campus

Have your student communications rise above the campus noise by engaging students in an interactive way they cannot miss.

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Self Serve Campus Information

No more relying only on email and social media to catch student’s attention. Use an easy to update, cloud based kiosk to allow students to pull up information anytime they want.

Places to use

• Departments, Colleges, Schools
• Student Centers
• Career Centers
• Lobbies

High Engagement Digital Bulletin Board

Events, jobs, student club announcements, deadlines, residential hall announcements and more. No student feels disconnected on a HootBoard campus.

Digital Bulletin Board for University

Universal Availability

Make your communications available where your students want it – your website, mobile apps, TV screens, touch bulletin boards and newsletters.


Your staff and student leaders simply post once. All your communications channels are seamlessly updated. Just like magic!


Integrate with your university systems or social feeds to automatically send content to your HootBoard.

Multiple Ways to use HootBoard

Here’s some of the features departments and companies can utilize to keep employees in the loop.

Touch Screens

A new, engaging way to communicate in areas like a break room or lobby.

Digital Signage

Strategically placed TV’s can update real time with content that is added to your board from web or mobile.

Mobile Apps

Employees are mobile and so should you. Keep them up to date with notifications.

Website Integration

Add HootBoard to your intranet, access at or take the integration further with our API.

Company Calendar

Events are automatically added to a central calendar view for easy access.


Daily Digests and weekly newsletters are auto-generated from the content that has been added on your board. Event reminders done automatically.


Track engagement on your board and posts by digging into the data.


Integrate HootBoard with existing tools and workflows to automatically add or export content from HootBoard.

Companies using HootBoard