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HootBoard Kiosk is ideal for Hotels, Museums, Visitor Centers, Universities, Workplaces, and Large Lobby.




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Visitor Centers

HootBoard AirX Kiosk:

Engage. Inform. Promote

The AirX is a comprehensive visitor engagement tool. 

Easily customize content to highlight important information, promote events, or display multimedia content that enhances the visitor experience.

Some Key Features & Applications:

 Wayfinding App:

 A curated CityGuide that helps visitors with directions, recommendations, and local transport options.

The List Creator:

Makes planning simple. Visitors can tailor their itinerary, know what’s around, and access it easily on mobile. Tourism bureaus and concierges can create recommended itineraries for visitors to follow, making their stay enjoyable and well-organized.


This app allows people to take selfies with a branded overlay, so they have a beautiful memory of the destination

Transit App:

Gives visitors a clear map view of the destination so they can easily choose the best mode to travel locally, allowing them to explore more.

Local Business Directory:

Helps visitors discover local businesses and events, enriching their stay and fostering a stronger connection to the community.

Public Safety Announcement:

This service ensures visitors are promptly informed about safety alerts or guidelines, providing a sense of security and care.

Experiences and Tickets:

These facilitate easy booking to local events and attractions, letting visitors make the most of their time and experience the best the destination offers.

Bulletin Board:

Works like a digital town square where visitors can find local announcements, events, and community messages that help them engage and interact with the local culture

Special Offer for Resellers and Distributors


Attractive pricing with great margins

Access to professional marketing materials and sales support

Comprehensive training materials and customer support

HootBoard Kiosk OS and Software are also available Free For Download and Use

Wall of Love

HootBoard AirX: Complete Interactive Kiosk Solution

Elegant and Efficient

  • Screen Sizes: Available in 49″ and 55″
  • Colors: Choose from sleek white or classic black
  • Super Slim Design: Complements any environment
  • High-Definition Display: 3840 x 2160 resolution with Grade A LG LED screen

Interactive and Informative

  • Capacitive Touch Technology: Responsive touch experience
  • Built-in Audio: HD 8-channel audio system for clear sound
  • Features: Looping video, automatic play, USB updates, and in-sync photo and music playback

Designed for Durability

  • Dimensions: 28.35″ x 1.18″ x 63″

  • Tempered Glass: 4mm thickness for enhanced durability
  • Brightness: 350 nits for excellent visibility in various lighting conditions

Seamless Integration

Whether updating via USB or configuring settings, the AirX is designed for effortless setup and maintenance. Its intuitive interface ensures that managing content is simple and hassle-free.

The unique value proposition sets our kiosks apart from the competition.

Technological Convergence

HootBoard is a technology OEM that combines premium hardware with feature-rich software. Our focus on convergence means that clients get a cohesive experience, with features like people counting through cameras, high-quality speakers, and interactive touchscreens that are fully integrated into the software ecosystem.

Reseller Support and Collaboration

Our strong support for resellers and distributors, including technical training, marketing materials, and pre-sale guidance will help accelerate your business. HootBoard’s team works closely to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to sell effectively.

Customization and Scalability

HootBoard’s kiosks are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries and environments. This flexibility allows to target a wide range of clients, from universities to hotels to city visitor centers. Additionally, HootBoard’s scalable design ensures that the system can grow as clients’ needs expand.

The Turnkey Experience

With HootBoard’s turnkey approach, there’s no need to deal with complex setups or multiple vendors. Our kiosk come pre-configured with our proprietary software, allowing for quick and seamless deployment.

Warranty and Support Programs

HootBoard offers a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy. (T&C apply)

Potential Revenue Streams

HootBoard’s software capabilities can unlock additional revenue streams for you. Features like event ticketing, advertising, and visitor analytics can be valuable selling points.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HootBoard?

HootBoard is a cutting-edge digital kiosk system expertly tailored for Travel and Tourism, Universities, Workplaces, and any Large Lobby environments. It encompasses a state-of-the-art Wall Mounted Touch Kiosk and a suite of features critical for meaningful engagement, and communication, including advanced content management, safety tools, localized applications, and the capability to generate revenue through targeted advertising.

How much does HootBoard AirX cost?

HootBoard AirX comes in 49-inch and 55-inch screen sizes pre-installed with Hootoard proprietary software. The AirX Kiosk starts at $6499. There is always a Free software version that will run on the AirX, customers can also upgrade the subscription to unlock the full potential of the AirX Kiosk Solution.

What do I get with the HootBoard subscription?

The HootBoard Kiosk Software takes away all the hassle of finding the right CMS or other software that a typical kiosk requires. HootBoard includes features like Bulletin Board, Wayfinding, Employee RnR, SelfieBooth – a localized selfie app, a mobile app, a virtual brochure rack, a transit tracker, and more. It also supports content management and advertising programs. The HootBoard gives every kiosk network the ability to also engage their visitors on Mobile, through the HootBoard Mobile App available on Android and iOS.

Can my HootBoard AirX work off of WiFi?

HootBoard recommends hard-wired data for both experience and security reasons. WiFi can be used if your area has a strong, reliable connection. Avoid public access WiFi since large numbers of users can impact available bandwidth. As a backup 5G or 4G routers can be added at extra cost.

Can people access the regular internet from the AirX Kiosk?

No. The lockdown software prevents users from searching the web and posting unapproved content.

Who can post content to the HootBoard and how is it managed?

The board administrator can assign access levels to staff and partners. Just like other social media accounts, different access levels can be easily granted. Approvals can be set up to ensure the quality of content.

Additionally, HootBoard apps like ‘CityGuide’ bring points of interest information from Hootboard’s content database.

Customers can also choose to work with agency partners to create and manage content on their HootBoard network.

Does HootBoard manage the content for us?

Yes and No. Content management on HootBoard is easy enough that most organizations manage it themselves. HootBoard does have trained agency partners who can take this over for a small fee.

How often do I need to update the software?

All software updates are performed automatically and do not impact user experience. HootBoard’s dependable software doesn’t need a daily reboot. HootBoard engineers have direct access to make updates and fix any software-related issues via the cloud.

What other features can be incorporated into the Kiosk?

Public Safety/Cameras/Emergency Call/Emergency Information Localized Selfie App Mobile App so you can “Take the Kiosk with you” on your phone. Virtual Brochure Rack/Transit Tracker.

HootBoard is always updating the platform based on customer feedback and engagement metrics.

What costs are involved? How Much is HootBoard Subscription?

A fully deployed HootBoard network includes investments for Hardware, Installation, and Software subscriptions.

For a HootBoard Subscription Click Here.

What are the Advertising opportunities on my HootBoard Network?

Yes. Your HootBoard can enable its advertising programs to generate revenue. The advertising programs work best with networks of 8+ Kiosks. Ad sales happen via Direct Sales Partnerships, Programmatic Integrations, and Hyperlocal Programs. Once rolled out in your region, HootBoard will deploy it such that local businesses are prioritized unless otherwise requested.

Are there other sources of revenue?

Yes. HootBoard has launched Ticket sales capabilities to:

  • Attractions
  • Games
  • Events
  • Concerts
  • Groupon-like Deals for:
  • Booking hotels
  • Golf
  • Dining
  • Spa Visits
  • And sponsored content opportunities as well.
Are discounts available for larger network deployments?

Yes. Discounts are available when multiple Kiosks are deployed as part of a Network. For Networks of 15 Kiosks or more, software licenses may be custom-priced and there may also be additional opportunities for offsetting some of the software costs.

Do I need anything extra apart from a HootBoard Subscription to set it up?

A hardwired data connection is recommended for better experience and security, though WiFi can be used if the connection is strong and reliable. Public access WiFi is not recommended.

What kind of support would Hootboard provide?

Hootboard offers comprehensive customer support, including email and phone assistance, alongside a detailed online knowledge base for self-service troubleshooting. Direct contact with our customer service team is recommended for specific queries and technical issues.

I have a question not covered here, how can I reach out?

For further queries, you can reach out to