As businesses, we know that our main goal always comes down to engaging our customers. Whether you’re the general manager of an apartment building looking to rent units and retain residents, the owner of a new hotel looking to fill rooms and awe guests, or an HR manager intent on connecting your employees to their workplace – your job is to engage your customer on a daily basis. As business people ourselves, we know the challenge of constantly trying to engage the customer population online when your business is out there in the real world. Social media can help (for those customers who decide to follow you anyhow!) and email marketing still provides a benefit (until subscribers choose to opt-out) but it’s hard to argue with the impact of in-person connection. For many, utilizing a Digital Concierge Kiosk can help merge your online efforts with physical communications to create that in-person connection with your customers that seems to be missing.

Let’s explore the Digital Concierge difference:

Take Technology “Offline”

Okay it’s not offline exactly because your HootBoard will need to connect to the internet but what we mean is that the Digital Concierge Kiosk allows your organization to connect with your customers IRL (that’s ‘in real life’!). Your customers will be able to walk up to the Kiosk, engage with your content, and take it with them on their device wherever they go. Rather than wash over them in a virtual space, your customers will be both physically and literally interacting with your organization’s messaging plus you’ll be driving traffic to your business (both in person and to your website!).

Build Community

We all know that inclusiveness leads to engagement and the Digital Concierge Kiosk gives you the option to customize your level of inclusivity from both sides of the Kiosk. Do you want your customers to be able to post content to your Kiosk, comment on content, share it? You’ll have the ability to control all levels of engagement and encourage (or not!) it. On the reverse side, you can build an internal team of administrators to control what is added to your Kiosk from the back end and what gets approved – you’ll be building community on both sides! Building a community around your brand leads to loyalty and buy-in allowing customers to feel like they are part of your company, something that will serve you well in the long run!

Increase Referrals

An added bonus of building community is that loyal community members are much more likely to refer your business to their friends and family. The Digital Concierge Kiosk comes with built-in referral tools that allows members (like your loyal customers!) to invite others to join them. Viral content is great but referred content is even better and HootBoard gives your customers the tools they need to spread the word about your company.

Add Personalization

One of the main challenges of online marketing is building content to target every segment of your audience, no matter how small. You don’t want to leave anyone out and unintentionally exclude them from your business! A Digital Concierge Kiosk helps with this challenge by allowing the customer themselves to personalize their journey. You and your crack team of administrators (as well as that handy community you’ve built) will load up the Kiosk with valuable content and your customers will be able to self-select what’s important to them by using apps, filters, and hashtag customization that comes complete with every HootBoard. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and completely customizable for every organization. Give each of your customers their own private experience with your company!

Offer Unique Value

In addition to personalization, your Digital Concierge Kiosk gives you the unique opportunity to offer unique value to a select group of your customers. Where social media goes wide, HootBoard offers the option to keep your true customers close and build a community of customers who are important to your business (your core constituents as it where). HootBoard offers the ability to then add on local information like weather, events, deals, etc. to add value when your customers come to your community – think of it like a one stop shop! Offer your hotel guests local events to choose from during their stay, let your employees know what their commute will look like, and offer your residents nearby deals – all as part of the HootBoard experience.

The Digital Concierge Kiosk offers businesses of all kinds a unique opportunity to connect with customers “in-person” – an opportunity that can translate to incredible business value in terms of relationship building and actual dollars. Setting yourself apart from the traditional social media plus email marketing plan will set you apart in the mind of the customer as well and utilizing your Digital Concierge Kiosk to build a community around your business helps to build loyalty in the long-term. HootBoard offers a Kiosk-first system that is easy and fast to deploy, integrates well with hundreds of apps you already use, and a unique content management system that is completely customizable for your organization (without the long wait time of custom solutions).

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