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by | Feb 13, 2024 | Product, Product Updates

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The Audio/Visual (AV) industry, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Kiosk resellers constantly seek innovative ways to drive revenue growth. One such promising opportunity lies in kiosk solutions with HootBoard.

HootBoard provides a comprehensive kiosk solution that can effectively open up two additional revenue streams for these professionals.

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A Dual Approach to Revenue Growth

1. Annual Subscription for the OS

HootBoard offers an annual subscription for its Operating System (OS). This is a consistent and reliable source of income for AV professionals, OEMs, and Kiosk resellers. By integrating HootBoard’s OS into your product offering, you not only enhance your product’s functionality but also create a steady flow of revenue that comes directly from subscription fees.

2. Advertising Revenue

There’s the potential for advertising revenue. HootBoard’s kiosk solutions serve as an effective advertising platform. Businesses can use them to display advertisements, providing another lucrative income stream. The more businesses that utilize your kiosks for their advertising needs, the more revenue you generate. It’s a win-win situation.

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Meeting the Demand for Complete Kiosk Solutions

It’s worth noting that Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), hotels, and universities are actively searching for complete kiosk solutions. They need platforms that are user-friendly, versatile, and efficient. HootBoard meets these requirements, making it an attractive option for these entities.

The rise in demand for digital touchscreen kiosks for wayfinding, tourism marketing, and other purposes has been nothing short of remarkable. HootBoard’s kiosk solutions are perfectly positioned to meet this demand, offering interactive, easy-to-use interfaces that enhance user experience while providing valuable services.

The ROI Factor

Investing in HootBoard’s kiosk solutions is not just about increasing revenue; it’s also about the impressive return on investment (ROI). With minimal initial outlay, the potential for substantial returns through subscription and advertising revenues is high. Plus, by meeting the increasing demand for comprehensive kiosk solutions, you’re setting your business up for long-term success.

In conclusion, HootBoard’s kiosk solutions offer a fantastic opportunity for AV professionals, OEMs, and Kiosk resellers to diversify their revenue streams while meeting the growing market demand. It’s an investment that promises significant returns, making it a smart business move for those looking to stay ahead in the competitive tech industry.

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What is HootBoard?

HootBoard is a cutting-edge, all-in-one kiosk software platform designed to revolutionize the way information is delivered and accessed in public spaces. At its core, HootBoard functions as an interactive digital concierge, allowing users to discover information, services, and attractions with a simple touch. Whether for wayfinding in a mall, promoting local events in a community center, or providing guests with information at a hotel, HootBoard’s platform is both versatile and intuitive. The software integrates seamlessly with various kiosk hardware, making it an easily adaptable solution for businesses seeking to provide high-quality, self-service information to their patrons.

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HootBoard in the News

HootBoard’s innovative kiosk solutions are making waves across the nation. In Schenectady County, New York, they have revolutionized the visitor experience by deploying digital visitor kiosks, enabling swift and efficient access to local information. This initiative, powered by HootBoard, has been well-received, marking a significant step forward in leveraging technology for tourism marketing.

Down south, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the Greater Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce has collaborated with HootBoard to unveil an innovative touch kiosk network. This network is an interactive information hub, providing locals and tourists with essential community information.

These stories highlight the growing recognition and adoption of HootBoard’s solutions across different regions, reaffirming their position as a leading provider of kiosk solutions. Digital Visitor Kiosks Launched in Schenectady County – News10

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