Yes, you should get a digital bulletin board for employee engagement

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a touch kiosk in a cafeteria for employees

Encourage Sustainability by Eliminating the need to print flyers and posters

Increase engagement and retention by broadcasting announcements where people spend time (checking their phone). Be Seen Around a large campus. Create a Digital Bulletin Board that can be displayed on your TV screens, mobile devices, and websites. Build Brand Awareness by sending out your messages to multiple campuses with one post. Integrate your social media feeds into your Digital Bulletin Board. Be efficient and save time by having one central location to post your announcements, events, and deadlines.

These Locations Have Seen Success Using a Digital Bulletin Board


Run Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys to Gather Feedback

Employee engagement is a huge issue for companies these days, with studies showing that only 34% of employees are fully engaged in their work.

This lack of engagement costs businesses billions of dollars every year in lost productivity, and it’s only getting worse.

A digital bulletin board can help solve this problem by giving employees a way to communicate with each other and share ideas in a fun and interactive way. Polls, quizzes, and other interactive content can help keep employees engaged and informed about what’s going on in the company.

Communicate announcements, events, jobs, and deadlines on their preferred channels with one click

Get your employees connected to your office campus by communicating important information with them through their preferred channels. Ensure that your message is seen by the right people by targeting a specific location with geotargeting. Use push notifications to connect with students during special events and emergencies.


Seamlessly update all communication channels with a single post

Quickly update by posting from your computer or mobile device. Allow students to comment on a post and receive a notification when a new one is posted. Quickly manage posts by having the future posts automatically published to multiple locations with a single click of a button.


Connect Your Manufacturing Building to a Digital Bulletin Board and keep Everyone Up to Date Immediately

Imagine a manufacturing plant that needs to keep 2,500 deskless workers in the loop. They have created a Facebook group where employees can communicate and post about upcoming events or safety concerns. The only problem is that updating this group takes hours out of a day when a single post can be sent in minutes instead. By connecting your Digital Bulletin Board to your manufacturing plant, you can ensure everyone on the floor receives updates immediately instead of hours later. This is just one way to increase engagement and retention by connecting with your students where they spend their time.

You have full control of all posts on the Digital Bulletin Board.

The future posts are automatically published across multiple locations with a single click of a button. Quickly manage posts by having the future posts automatically published to multiple locations with a single click of a button. Manage all your communications from one location and post to multiple channels with ease! This is just one way to increase engagement and retention by connecting with your students where they spend their time.


Keep You Large Offices and Office Campuses Informed with Digital Bulletin Boards

Many companies have a large office building with multiple floors and a campus. With populations of 500 to 10,000+ people in an office complex, it can be difficult to get everyone informed about upcoming events or even just what happened yesterday. By creating a Digital Bulletin Board that’s connected to your announcements, you’re able to quickly post the news and everyone will receive it. Use geo-targeting to make sure the employees on the right floor see your post.


Create an Emergency Communication System

Build a Digital Bulletin Board that keeps everyone up to date on emergencies and quickly communicate with students or employees during a lockdown or active shooter situation. Send a push notification directly from the Digital Bulletin Board to students’ mobile devices, even if they’re not on campus. Create a post title that contains an emergency code and then send a notification to all students that contains the code and a link to your Digital Bulletin Board post. The students will receive the notification even if they’re not subscribed to your campus’s social media. When you need to send an emergency message, simply update your Digital Bulletin Board without having to create a new one.


Digital Bulletin Boards are the Way to Go

In conclusion, if you have a website, mobile app, touch bulletin board, or digital TV screen available on your campus then you need a Digital Bulletin Board! Make the switch today and feel confident that everyone is informed about their upcoming events or safety concerns.

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