9 Digital Out of Home Advertising Examples and Ideas

by | May 22, 2024 | Digital Signage

a watch and destination with DOOH ad examples

1. Event Promotion

The event promotion example is vibrant and attention-grabbing, with a clear call to action and a prominent event date that’s hard to miss. This interactive tourism digital signage lets users save the event to their phone, email the ad to friends, and interact with the content directly.

  • Save the event to your phone
  • Email the ad to a friend
  • Interact with the ad directly

This can benefit the advertiser by increasing event attendance and engagement through interactive features.

local advertising

2. Restaurant Promotion

The restaurant promotion image features mouth-watering photos that make the food look irresistible. Users can send a discount from the ad to their phone, gather data via QR codes, make reservations, or even trigger flash sales for passersby.

  • Send discounts to phones
  • Collect data using QR codes
  • Set reservations
  • Conduct flash sales

Such interactive ads can drive more traffic to the restaurant and boost sales.

using digital signage for restaurant

cityguide for HootBoard

3. Tourist Attraction Example

This tourist attraction example showcases visually appealing imagery that draws in potential visitors. The interactive tourism kiosk offers interactive maps, ticket purchasing options, and additional information about the attraction.

  • Interactive maps
  • Purchase tickets
  • Access detailed attraction information

Advertisers can attract more visitors and enhance their experience, leading to increased revenue and satisfaction.

promoted events

4. Product Advertising

In this product advertising example, a digital billboard showcasing a watch stands out with its striking visuals. It highlights key features that interest passersby and offers instant discounts.

  • Highlight product features
  • Provide immediate discounts

This method can effectively capture the attention of potential customers and encourage on-the-spot purchases.

a ooh example of a watch advertisement

5. Bakery Example

The bakery advertisement features enticing images of fresh bread that look incredibly appetizing. It uses different fonts and includes a map guiding users from the kiosk to the bakery.

  • Use diverse images and fonts
  • Include a map to the bakery

Such engaging and informative ads can drive foot traffic to the bakery and boost sales.

a bread baker ooh digital signage example

6. Ale Trail Example

This ale trail advertisement allows users to purchase tickets and view a map of the trail right from the digital screen.

  • Buy tickets directly
  • View the ale trail map

This convenience can attract beer enthusiasts and increase ticket sales for the ale trail event.

advertising image

7. Promote a City Example

The city promotion example for Myrtle Beach utilizes a digital concierge list to guide tourists and locals on must-see attractions.

  • Provide a digital concierge list
  • Offer directions to popular spots

This approach can significantly enhance the city’s tourism experience and boost local business profits.

list creator for hootboard

8. Jam and Toast Family Style Brunch Example

The brunch advertisement makes the food look deliciously inviting, with clear time and location details. It’s easy to read and designed to whet viewers’ appetites.

  • Clear time and location details
  • Easy-to-read format

This can drive brunch attendance and increase restaurant sales.

a digital ooh signage ad example for jam toast

9. Sale Example with Watches

Positioned in a high-traffic mall area, this sale advertisement for watches catches the eye of shoppers, particularly those near jewelry stores.

  • Located in high-traffic areas
  • Targets shoppers in jewelry sections

The interactive nature of the ad can convert window shoppers into buyers, driving sales right then and there.

demonstration of how the advertising can work on a wall mounted digital signage

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Quick Digital OOH Kiosk and Signage Marketing Ideas
CategoryCommon GoalMethod
HotelsIncrease guest use of on-site amenitiesUse digital signage to display spa services, gym facilities, restaurant menus, and exclusive offers right in the lobby
Boost attendance at hotel-hosted eventsUtilize digital billboards in common areas to advertise upcoming events, conferences, and special gatherings with interactive RSVPs
Enhance guest experience by recommending local spotsInteractive kiosks with digital screens can provide information about nearby tourist attractions, restaurants, and activities, complete with maps and directions
RestaurantsIncrease sales of featured dishesDisplay enticing images and descriptions of daily specials on digital signage near the entrance or waiting area
Build a loyal customer basePromote loyalty programs using digital ooh ads, allowing customers to sign up directly via interactive kiosks
Improve service based on customer inputSet up digital screens for customers to leave feedback and reviews after their dining experience
UniversitiesIncrease student participation in campus activitiesUse outdoor ads and digital screens to promote club meetings, sports events, and academic lectures across campus
Help students navigate the campus easilyDeploy interactive kiosks with digital maps that show building locations, classrooms, and facilities
Ensure student safetyUtilize dooh advertising to broadcast emergency notifications and safety instructions instantly
Tourist AttractionsBoost ticket sales and reduce wait timesInteractive kiosks allow visitors to purchase tickets directly from digital billboards placed at the entrances
Enhance visitor experienceDigital screens display detailed information about exhibits, including historical context, key highlights, and interactive elements
Increase gift shop revenueUse dooh advertising campaigns to showcase popular merchandise, souvenirs, and special offers available in the gift shop
General IdeasSupport local economy and business collaborationOutdoor advertising space on digital screens can be sold or leased to local businesses for promoting their services and products
Capitalize on seasonal trends and eventsTailor ooh advertising to feature holiday specials, seasonal products, and time-limited offers using dynamic digital signage
Engage and entertain the audienceDeploy street furniture with interactive games or contests, encouraging participation and offering prizes to people engaging with the kiosk

These marketing strategies leverage digital ooh ads to create captivating and effective ad campaigns that reach the target audience in high foot traffic areas. If one starts utilizing digital billboards, digital screens, and interactive street furniture, their businesses can deliver impactful outdoor ads in their ooh campaign.

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