Conventions Centers are Using Digital Signage to Attract and Guide Visitors

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Destination Marketing, Digital Signage

As the world becomes increasingly digital, convention centers are turning to digital signage as a way to guide and attract visitors.

By using digital signage, convention centers can create a dynamic and interactive environment that will help to draw in visitors and keep them engaged.

Additionally, by using digital signage, conventions centers can provide important information to visitors, such as maps of the area.


How do Conventions Centers Use Digital Signage to Attract and Guide Visitors

Conventions centers are large public venues that host a variety of events, including trade shows, conferences, and expositions.

In order to maintain a professional appearance and ensure that visitors can easily find their way around, convention centers rely heavily on digital signage.

Digital signs can be used to post-event schedules, provide directions to specific Exhibit Halls or meeting rooms, and promote upcoming events. Some places they can help drive traffic to are:

  • The registration desk
  • The exhibit hall
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • The restroom

In addition, digital signage can be used to create a sense of excitement and anticipation for an event.

By using bright colors and eye-catching graphics, convention centers can use digital signage to generate interest in a wide range of events.

As a result, digital signage is an essential tool for convention centers as they work to attract and guide visitors.


What Are Some Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Conventions Centers

Conventions and conference center managers are always looking for ways to increase attendance and make their events run smoother.

Digital signage is one way to do both of those things.

By using digital screens that are strategically placed throughout the center, you can provide attendees with important information such as the schedule of events, maps of the premises, and exhibitor and keynote speaker listings.

This means people will save time and frustration when trying to find their way around or figure out what is going on.

Other benefits are:

  • Reduced print costs: You’ll no longer need to print and distribute paper schedules, maps, and other collateral.
  • Increased engagement: Digital signage can be used to display engaging content that will capture the attention of passersby. This could include videos, social media feeds, or interactive games.
  • Improved wayfinding: Digital signage can be used to provide directions and help people find their way around the convention. This is especially helpful for first-time attendees or those with limited mobility.
  • Enhanced security: In the event of an emergency, digital signage can be used to quickly and easily disseminate information to everyone at the convention.

You can also use digital signage to advertise your upcoming events and promote special deals and discounts.

Best of all, digital signage is easy to update and change on the fly, so you can always keep your attendees well-informed.

Consequently, it’s no surprise that more and more convention centers are investing in digital signage solutions.


Are there any challenges that come with using digital signage in conventions centers

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the content on the screens is relevant and up-to-date.

If the information on the screens is outdated or inaccurate, it can cause confusion and frustration for attendees.

Solution: Make sure the software you use is easy-to-use and can be updated from multiple touchpoints like mobile devices and tablets.

Another challenge is making sure that the digital signage is visible and easy to read.

The screens need to be placed in high-traffic areas where they will be seen by Attendees and should also be able to read the content from a distance.

If the text is too small or the font is difficult to read, people will likely just ignore the screens altogether.

Solution: Make sure the digital signage software or device you use can effectively be moved and the visuals on the board are big enough to be seen.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that the digital signage system is reliable and easy to use.

If the system is constantly crashing or if it’s difficult to navigate, it will only add to the chaos of a busy center.

Solution: Do your research and invest in a high-quality digital signage system that is built to handle the demands of a busy convention. Check the reviews of your supplier.


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