Podcast: Interview with Monica Armstrong from Visit Knoxville TN

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Destination Marketing

Podcast Episode 7 - Monica Armstrong from Visit Knoxville
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Monica Armstrong the Director of Visitor Services at Visit Knoxville, in Tennessee, joins us on the HootBoard Visitor Information and Destination Marketing Podcast. 

0:00 – Intro

2:00 – Monica educates us on the type of personality traits that one might need to have in order to perform at a job like hers. We learn about the type of responsibilities that are included in a role like hers, and what employers need to look out for when hiring for this position.

3:30 – Monica talks about the importance of understanding their visitors, and how getting to know the visitors can help drive a strong engagement strategy.

8:20 – Monica tells us about common visitor information issues that one may face, and the specific challenges she face as a Director of Visitor Services, and what strategies she deployed to work through them.

15:10 – Monica talks to us about Knoxville Tennessee, their visitor center, and other information that is interesting about the area.

23:55 – Monica talks about programs around the city that helps visitors get to know the area, and gets into how a network of information can provide a great user experience from around the city.

31:50 – Outro


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