How to devise a content strategy and organize content for your visitor information touch screen kiosk.

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Destination Marketing, Reuse, Touch Kiosks, Visitor Information

destination marketing content strategy kiosk

We all know that moment. You set up your account, you have your kiosks public facing and looking amazing, you sit down at your desk and you think to yourself “Ok, so now what?” 

Now we start the brainstorming and executing how you want to organize your content, and curate it in a useful way for the people who visit your area. We want to give you some thought strategies that you can use in order to create the best experience possible. Here are a few questions to consider when devising your content strategy for your visitor information and interactive tourism touch screen kiosk


Question 1:

What exactly do my visitors want to know?


Looking through many different DMO and CVB websites, one can conclude that events, restaurants, history, shopping, places to stay, and athletics are consistently presented to the public. This makes sense! Visitors love experiencing the area by shopping, learning, and experiencing events with others. It’s definitely in our nature. 

But how can we make this content strategy better? The answer is to get as specific as you can. 

When you look at any website, events section of social media, or any other place where there is content curation, you’ll notice that they all have a way to inform people about events in the area. 

The difference is in the details. Is the event family friendly? Is it a free event? Is it daytime only? Or night time only? Where are the events for people who only have an hour or two to explore? 

By dividing up the content this way, you can really hone in on what people want, and give them more options to decide how they want to spend their time. 


Question 2:

Which businesses best represent us to new visitors? 


The internet has provided an amazing way to organize content for users to get to know an area. The issue is that many people who aren’t familiar with the area are creating insincere content in order to drive interest. We want to enable local individuals to create content strategies that they know best represents their area to anyone new visiting. 


Question 3:

Where are the anchor spots people like to visit? 


Philadelphia has Independence Hall. 

Chicago has Cloud Gate (also known as The Bean).

Lawrence Kansas has Grinter Farms. 

What are the special places in your area that act as an anchor spot? These are the types of spots that are ‘must see’ spots in a particular area. Sometimes they are historical, and other times they can be a popular photo area. 

We want visitors to take photos and tag us on their social media. Have a healthy collection of family friendly imagery to show as examples on your social, website, and other digital areas where people can engage with your content. It’s also a great idea to let people know when is the best time to visit an anchor spot for the best light, and preferable traffic amount. 

It’s especially great if you can build and share a collection of famous people who take a photo in or around your anchor spot. Let people know that people of impact love to visit your area as well. 


Question 4:

Does your area have any hidden gems off the beaten path? 


Visitors love to discover things. They love to take a journey and tell a story that is unique about an area. Some visitors love doing the consistent and familiar journey, but then there are those who really love to venture out and identify the hidden gems about an area. 

Do you have a way to engage these types of individuals? By providing maps, ideas, and perhaps some folklore of the hidden popular spots, you’ll be able to give someone a more unique experience. These are a great way to engage repeat visitors as well. Many times, the visitor has already done the popular thing, and now wants to get to know a little bit more of an area. This is a great way to engage this mindset, and having a few options that they can visit ready to go is a solid plan. 



Question 5:

How can visitors get the most for their money and time?


Food specials, Coupons, Drinks specials, Best Deals, etc. 

People want to get the most for their money. After analyzing many DMO and CVB website, it’s a common strategy to deliver great food specials, drink specials, local coupons, and share the best deals of an area. 

Make sure your website, social media, or digital content delivery for these experiences is organized, up-to-date, and easy to access. It can be frustrating to see a great food special on a website that is not honored at the restaurant when you get there. 

Additionally, keep your coupons and best deals also easily accessible to the visitors who use your website and social media. By providing a way to get the most for their money, visitors will be more likely to visit the areas that represent your area the best. 

These are just a few questions to get you started. Please subscribe to our newsletter or blog to get more valuable questions and insights to ask yourself about your DMO or CVB needs. 

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