Podcast: Interview with Mary Rains from Discover Odessa

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Destination Marketing, Podcast, Visitor Information

Destination Marketing Podcast Odessa Texas Mary Rains
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0:00: A quick hello, how are you doing, and the energy is set to get the conversation going.


0:58: Mary tells us about her experience, her destination marketing journey, and a little bit of history about Discover Odessa.


2:50: Every destination has its own unique audience and a way of marketing itself. Odessa Texas has a really big traveling worker base, and Mary talks to us a little bit about what makes Odessa Texas unique.


6:09: To get an idea of what kind of numbers Odessa Texas has to work with, Mary gave us an estimate of the service area population and surrounding towns.


7:25: Mary speaks a bit more about the draw of Odessa Texas and what people wish to experience while visiting.


9:40: Pre-pandemic, Mary talked about communication strategies, and topics visitors would want to know about prior to everything changing. This gives us an insight into their strategies.


12:00: A really interesting experience for anyone visiting and enjoy getting photos of themselves in an area. Odessa’s Jack-Rabbits provide a fun task for anyone to enjoy.


14:27: Mary speaks to the traveling professional entertainment that passes through town, and what kind of entertainment consumption visitors can expect if they stop by.


17:45: It’s time to say good-bye and thank you for participating.

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