What to Ask Before You Buy an Outdoor Kiosk

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Destination Marketing, Product, Smart City, Touch Kiosks

outdoor touch screen kiosk

Outdoor touch screen kiosks are an exciting way to engage your visitors. They provide interactive information that helps guide users in the local area. It’s no mystery why localities are investing in their Smart City planning and updating their messaging delivery systems with outdoor digital touch screen kiosks. Before you buy an outdoor kiosk, it is important to consider a few thoughts. 


1. How does the kiosk handle weather? 

It’s fair to say that just about every city will experience extreme weather of some kind. From heating and cooling systems to handle extreme heat, to very cold temperatures, it’s important to get all of the information about how the outdoor digital kiosk will handle these days. If you live in an area more prone to extreme thunderstorms, you’ll want to consider how the placement of the kiosk will be executed to accommodate rough winds and blowing debris. 


2. What is the Wifi situation? 

If the information kiosk uses apps or websites to pull information, then it will need a consistent connection to the internet. Giving users a good experience is vital to the overall success and sustainability of the local area. With this in mind, ensuring a dependable connection is important to the experience. 


3. Can it Sync with your Mobile Device? 

If you are the administrator of the touch kiosk, then you’ll want as much access to the content system as possible. The desire to nimbly update the content from various platforms makes you more versatile with message deliveries. People want the ability to update, edit, and moderate content from anywhere, and ensuring that the content management system can be moderated from an administrator’s mobile device is essential. 


4. Can people read the screen in direct sunlight? 

Direct sunlight can inhibit the visual experience of certain screens. Double check with the manufacturer or service representative to ensure that the screen can be read in all forms of light and weather conditions. Also check and see if the screen has high brightness functionality to accommodate different types of light issues. This will provide the users a better visual experience. 


5. How will the outdoor kiosk be installed? 

Before deploying an outdoor kiosk, it is very important to place the kiosk in a way that is consistent with ADA compliance. Make sure that the area you are considering to install the outdoor kiosk is accessible to power and can be installed where it can be easily reached. So powder coated cords are important. Consider all forms of mobility when envisioning this. 


6. Can the outdoor kiosk generate its own revenue? 

Check to see if the digital kiosk can partner with local business and sell ad space. Outdoor digital signage is a great way to create a revenue stream. In some cases, the digital kiosk can even pay for itself with enough partnering with the local community. This can be very desirable considering the credibility of a local partner. 


7. Can the manufacturer build a custom setup for the kiosk? 

Some areas want a very specific look when setting the kiosk. Some outdoor kiosk designs require wall mounts, or need a certain look to be consistent with the surrounding areas. Perhaps there is a certain kind of wood that needs to be considered? Or maybe there is a desire to enhance security with stainless steel? Whatever the needs are, check to see what kind of customization options there are in order to provide the best experience possible for look and feel. 

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These are just a few questions to get you started when considering your purchase of an outdoor kiosk. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. We love chatting about the possibilities and deliverables an outdoor kiosk can provide. Level up your city today!

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