The Long Awaited & Revised HootBoard CityGuide is here!

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HootBoard CityGuide

Explore with the HootBoard City Guide!

Exploring a destination just got easier with the HootBoard CityGuide app. Let’s look inside the revamped HootBoard CityGuide.



HootBoard CityGuide: Where can you find it

Where can you find it?

You can find HootBoard CityGuide in the apps section of your footboard. 
Go: to Apps>> Discover Apps to Install.
Install yours now!





HootBoard CityGuide: Snapshots

City Guide Snapshots

HootBoard CityGuide provides screenshots of CityGuide as different apps that help the user categorize their search. These apps will also be recommended while installing a HootBoard developer app. So make sure you download all the recommended apps.




HootBoard CityGuide: Places to explore



Places worth a visit

HootBoard provides its users with an inventory of all the places in the category they have selected. These are laid out as points on a map and a list.






HootBoard CityGuide: Customize your search


Customize your search

With the customization tab, your users can now narrow their search further to their liking.







HootBoard CityGuide: Need to know more?

Need to know more?

Knowing more about a place is just a click away. HootBoard users can get more details (like phone number, opening hours, etc.) about the venue they are interested in.






HootBoard CityGuide: Fetch directions

Fetch directions to get there.

Want to visit a venue you like? Get directions immediately. HootBoard CityGuide provides clear instructions on how to get to that venue.




HootBoard CityGuide: Claim business

Claim your business

Find your business listed on the HootBoard CityGuide app. Claim it and create a board for it! Once a claim request is sent they will receive an email with instructions on how to claim it. In this way, you can improve the network of boards so your visitors can find information about locations of their choice.






Go ahead install the HootBaord CityGuide app on your HootBoard to help guests and visitors have a great time exploring your destination with HootBoard CityGuide.

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us at We will be happy to help. 🙂

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