Make way for the all-new HootBoard Selfie Wall!

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HootBoard Selfie Wall

Show off those happy faces!

We are back with yet another exciting app, the HootBoard Selfie Wall. Now you have an amazing way to showcase all those memorable selfie moments captured on your kiosks!



HootBoard Selife Wall app

Where can you find it?

Setting up your selfie wall is easy. First off, make sure the HootBoard selfie app is installed for your account. You can find the HootBoard Selfie Wall in the apps section of your HootBoard.
Go-to: to Apps >> Discover Apps to Install (see how).
Go, install yours now!



Hootboard Selfie Approval

Approve selfies that you like!

As an admin, you can pick and choose the selfies that can be posted on the HootBoard Selfie Wall (see how). This gives you control over the content on the Selfie Wall. Auto approval coming soon. 



HootBoard Selfie Wall on Kiosk



Spread joy with the HootBoard Selfie Wall!

Want to know what’s more exciting? The HootBoard Selfie Wall app can be accessed on your kiosks, web, and mobile versions of HootBoard for all your board users.






Check out this amazing app on your HootBoard, install it now, and post all those selfies for your board users to see.

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us at We will be happy to help. 🙂

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