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HootBoard product pricing explained!

After some critical thought, HootBoard will be simplifying its subscription plans with independent products to make it easy for our customers to start small and grow as much as they need. Here we will break down what HootBoard Pricing is all about.


Key HootBoard Products that are subscription products are:

1) HootBoard Screen Subscriptions– Interactive Kiosks and Digital Signage

2) HootBoard Web & Mobile Access (Key changes are coming to this area)


HootBoard Screen Licenses

HootBoard Screen Licenses

There are two types of HootBoard Screen Licenses: Interactive Kiosks & Digital Signage Licenses. You should purchase the relevant screen subscription to run your HootBoard board on kiosk or signage hardware. A screen subscription provides additional Free Engagement units to use HootBoard on the web & mobile usage. No changes are being made to these products at this time.


HootBoard Web &MobileHootBoard Web & Mobile

You get 1000 FREE engagement units every month for web & mobile usage. This free quota is usually enough for organizations as they begin using HootBoard. However, should you have a successful rollout and tend to overshoot your monthly engagement quota, you could switch to an unlimited plan with our Per-User Pricing, where you’ll pay for                                                                                                                                                      the number of followers and members on                                                                                                                                                        that board.


Per-user pricing for Web & Mobile

HootBoard is transitioning into industry-standard per-user pricing for web and mobile use. So at any point in time, you’ll only be paying for members and followers who are an active part of your HootBoard as opposed to the engagement unit pricing where you had to purchase blocks of Engagement units ahead of time. 

To be clear, Engagement Unit Blocks cannot be purchased going forward. However, engagement unit tracking will remain an overall usage metric so admins can assess how their board is getting used. 

How does this work?

When you upgrade to the per-user usage-based plan, HootBoard will create a per-user subscription; We will calculate the subscription amount by considering the number of followers and members on your board, the volume tier applicable to each, and the pricing for the type of your board.

HootBoard will reflect any change in the number of followers or members during the billing period in your bill, as detailed below.

Adding new members during your billing period. 

Suppose you’re on a per-user subscription and add new followers or members during your billing period. In that case, you’ll receive an invoice the next month, and your subscription will get pro-rated to reflect the new amount per the board’s applicable tier type.

Members leave during your billing period.

Suppose you’re on a per-user subscription, and one or more of your members or followers leave during your billing period. In that case, HootBoard will analyze the number of members/followers at the end of the current month and then pro-rate your subscription and add credit to your account.



Engagement Units UsageWhat is an Engagement Unit?

An Engagement Unit (EU) refers to any meaningful interaction on your board by your followers ( can only view public hoots and apps ) and members ( can post, view private hoots and apps ) through interactive screens, digital signages, and web & mobile. HootBoard keeps track of the engagement unit usage for your board daily and alerts you as you hit the Free 1000 Engagement Unit limit. Once you exceed the free quota, some features or functionality will be disabled for your members & followers.


Here are some examples of the Engagement (interactions) and their weightage.

Engagement Unit Example



Where can I find my HootBoard Pricing?

Your HootBoard pricing is available in your Admin Menu. You can easily choose between monthly vs. annual payment plans that give a 15% discount.
Go to: Your HootBoard >> Admin Menu >> ‘Licenses’ 



You can now check out the HootBoard Pricing and obtain further details for your board. 

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us at support@hootboard.com. We will be happy to help. 🙂

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