New Feature! Locally Published Apps and Crowd Sourced Content.

by | Mar 25, 2021 | New Features, Product, Product Updates

locally published apps on HootBoard

As part of HootBoard’s commitment to ongoing user experience improvements, we have launched a new feature that enables your board to publish locally created apps. This means that if you have multiple boards, you’ll be able to create one app that can be used in multiple locations. 

This eliminates the need of you having to create the app on every board, and will save you time and effort. 


Create Collection Apps that are Crowdsourced


Previously, what you would have to do as an admin of a HootBoard would be to create local apps for each individual board you manage. If you only have one board, this wouldn’t cause much of an issue, but if you manage many boards, then it’s easy to see how creating apps over and over again would take a lot of time, and can potentially cause an inconsistency in messaging.  


Before, you would typically create a collection app or a web app on your board itself, and it would be pulling in either a web link or, if it is a collection app, it will be pulling in collections from that board itself. It was not able to pull in collections from other boards. So what we have created is new functionality that allows you to do is basically crowdsource events. 


So let’s imagine there are events happening in your area. Everybody multiple locations are having multiple events. Each particular event may need its own events collection on their network of interactive touch screen kiosks, and they will have hoots talking about what they are offering for that particular event.


On a board for a restaurant or a board from a local college would likely have an events collection for a bunch of events that are associated with that event. What you can do now is create a local app and it can be a local app. This collection app can pull in content from a local board, and also pull in content from the other boards. This means you are able to pull in events from multiple locations to a centralized board. This will organize the area in a way that is more comprehensive, and is also saving you time so you do not have to update the same event on multiple boards. 


Published a Local Apps that Other Boards Can Download


Your HootBoard has now enabled an area where you can publish local apps that other boards in your area can locate and download. 


In the ‘Apps’ section of your board, you’ll find multiple options. You can now choose the ‘Discover Apps’ choice, and set up apps that you can have other boards download, or find apps to download that other boards have created. 


Step 1: You have a few choices that you can click to find ‘Discover Apps’


Step 2: Once you click there, you’ll see a view that shows the apps in your area. 


Step 3: Once you start publishing local apps and assigning an area to those apps, then you’ll be able to promote those apps to other boards. And if it’s useful for other boards to have the consistent app for messaging purposes, then this will save you time and energy by simply adding the app once and informing the other board managers about it. 

If you manage all of the boards, then great! You’ll just have to download it to those boards and it’ll save you time. 

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