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HootBoard is a feature-rich digital signage, self-service bulletin board kiosk information system designed to engage your employees, visitors, or students through touch screens. This blog post will take you through the key features of HootBoard and its software, explaining how each function can be utilized and why they stand out in the industry.

Locally Published Apps

HootBoard’s commitment to enhancing user experience has led to the introduction of locally published apps. This feature enables you to:

  • Create an app once and use it across multiple boards, saving time and effort.
  • Ensure consistent messaging across all your boards, enhancing communication efficiency.

This feature is particularly useful for administrators managing multiple boards, eliminating the need for repetitive app creation.

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Crowd Sourced Content

This feature allows for crowd-sourcing events, a fantastic tool for organizations with numerous happening in various locations. Here’s why this feature stands out:

  • It allows for centralized event management, pulling content from multiple boards into one.
  • It saves time by eliminating the need for updating the same event on different boards.

Imagine having a network of interactive touchscreen kiosks with each hosting unique events. Now, you can pull all these events onto a single board, ensuring comprehensive and organized coverage.

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Publish Local Apps for Other Boards to Download

HootBoard further enhances its functionality by allowing users to publish local apps that other boards can download. This feature provides several benefits:

  • It promotes consistency in messaging as other boards can download and use your created apps.
  • It saves time and energy as you only need to create and upload the app once.

The process is simple: publish your local apps, assign an area to those apps, and promote them to other boards. If the app is beneficial for consistent messaging, other boards can easily download and use it.

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Multimedia Content

HootBoard’s multimedia content feature allows organizations to distribute corporate content downwards while still enabling individual sites to manage local information.

  • This feature is useful because it ensures consistency in an organization’s messaging across all branches.
  • It also allows customization based on local needs, ensuring that each branch can tailor its content as required.
  • For example, a multinational corporation could use this feature to disseminate company-wide announcements while allowing each branch to post updates specific to their location.

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The multi-location feature offered by HootBoard is a boon for organizations operating in multiple areas.

  • This feature supports the distribution of corporate content to all locations while providing flexibility for each site to manage its local information.
  • This creates a balance between unified corporate communication and localized content management.
  • A retail chain with stores in multiple cities could utilize this feature to ensure consistent branding and messaging across locations, while also catering to the unique needs of each store.

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With HootBoard, you can customize the platform to align with your organization’s branding.

  • You can add your organization’s logo, use your brand’s colors, and even customize the background.
  • This feature helps create a familiar and cohesive environment for employees or visitors when they interact with the board.
  • A university, for instance, might use this feature to incorporate school colors and logos into their HootBoard, fostering a sense of school spirit and unity.



HootBoard provides robust analytics that help organizations understand user engagement and improve their communication strategy.

  • By monitoring how many interactions there are on your kiosks and content, you can make informed decisions about your content strategy.
  • This feature is particularly useful for organizations that want to measure the effectiveness of their communication and engagement efforts.
  • A museum, for instance, might use this feature to track visitor engagement with different exhibits and use this data to inform future exhibit planning.

In conclusion, HootBoard’s comprehensive features make it a compelling choice for any organization looking to optimize engagement and streamline communication across multiple locations. Its ability to blend corporate consistency with local customization, coupled with its branding and analytics capabilities, ensure it’s an invaluable tool in today’s digital age.

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Key Software Features of HootBoard

HootBoard offers an array of features, including.

  • Content Filtering: This feature ensures your boards only display relevant and appropriate content.
  • Digital Signage: HootBoard offers a free version of its digital signage software, allowing you to manage unlimited remote screens.
  • Touch Screen Support: Enhance user interaction with touch screen support, available even on TV screens.
  • Weather Widget: Keep your team updated with real-time weather updates.
  • Mobile Apps: HootBoard’s mobile apps ensure you can manage your boards even on the go.

The software also provides excellent customer service, making it a great choice for small to midsize businesses. With HootBoard, visitor information management becomes hassle-free, offering a streamlined approach to communication and engagement.

Want to Learn More?

Schedule a demo with HootBoard to see how its features can benefit your organization. You can also visit their website for more information and resources on optimizing communication and engagement through digital signage. With HootBoard, you can streamline your messaging, enhance user experience, and increase overall engagement seamlessly across multiple locations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your organizational communication with HootBoard. So, start using HootBoard and experience the benefits for yourself! Let HootBoard revolutionize your communication strategy today.

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