Travel Kiosks: What Features Make Them Ideal?

by | May 19, 2024 | Destination Marketing, Digital Signage

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Travel kiosks have become indispensable tools for the tourism and travel industry. They seamlessly provide Information, Engage Visitors, and offer a variety of services like Selfies, Events Calendars, Wayfinding, etc. that enhance the overall travel experience. Among the leaders in travel kiosk innovation is Hootboard, whose interactive kiosks are specially designed for hotel lobbies, visitor centers, attractions, convention centers, and any large lobby space.

Why Travel Kiosks Matter

Today travelers expect instant access to information and services. Travel kiosks bridge the gap between travelers and destinations by providing relevant, personalized, and up-to-date information in real time. 

Here’s why travel kiosks have become a staple in the tourism and travel industry:

Personalization: Tailor recommendations and itineraries based on user preferences.
Instant Information: Provide immediate access to local maps, attractions, and events.
Revenue Generation: Offer advertising space and ticketing services for increased revenue.
Efficiency: Reduce the workload on staff by handling routine inquiries and tasks.

Hootboard Kiosks: Specially Designed for the Travel Industry

Hootboard’s travel kiosks have been meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of hotels, visitor centers, and attractions. By combining robust features with user-friendly interfaces, Hootboard ensures that travelers receive accurate information quickly and easily. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the standout features:

1. Bulletins: Curated Information at Your Fingertips

The bulletin feature provides travelers with a curated list of local attractions, events, and services. The intuitive interface makes it easy for visitors to navigate through a variety of options, ensuring they find something that matches their interests. Bulletins are customizable, allowing DMOs and hotels to highlight specific attractions or events.

Customizable Content: Highlight attractions, restaurants, or events that align with your destination’s branding.
Revenue Generation: Partner with local businesses to feature sponsored bulletins.
Visitor Engagement: Provide visitors with a digital concierge, simplifying their travel experience.

2. Selfie: Engage Visitors with Fun and Shareable Photos

In the age of social media, photos are a powerful engagement tool. Hootboard’s selfie feature allows visitors to capture and share memorable moments directly from the kiosk. This feature encourages visitors to create shareable content that can boost your destination’s visibility across social media platforms.

Brand Visibility: Include your logo or branding on each selfie.
Social Sharing: Visitors can instantly share their photos on social media, increasing organic reach.
Memorable Moments: Provide visitors with a unique keepsake from their trip.

3. Itinerary: Personalized Travel Plans

The itinerary feature allows visitors to create a personalized travel plan directly from the kiosk. By selecting their interests, visitors receive tailored recommendations for attractions, dining, and events. Once finalized, the itinerary can be printed or sent directly to their email.

Personalization: Tailor recommendations based on visitor preferences.
Convenience: Provide visitors with a comprehensive travel plan in minutes.
Revenue Generation: Partner with local businesses to include their services in the itinerary.

4. Events and Ticketing: Streamlined Access to the Latest Happenings

One of the latest features of Hootboard kiosks is the Events and Ticketing (E&T) module. This feature provides visitors with real-time information on upcoming events, allowing them to purchase tickets directly from the kiosk. Whether it’s a local festival, concert, or guided tour, E&T makes it easy for travelers to find and attend the events that interest them most.

Convenience: Streamline the ticket purchasing process for visitors.
Revenue Generation: Increase revenue through ticket sales and advertising opportunities.
Visitor Engagement: Encourage travelers to participate in local events and activities.

How Events & Ticketing Works:

  1. Browse Events: Visitors can explore a comprehensive list of upcoming events in the area.
  2. Select Event: After finding an event of interest, visitors can view details and ticket pricing.
  3. Purchase Tickets: Visitors can purchase tickets directly from the kiosk using a secure payment gateway.
  4. Receive Confirmation: Tickets can be printed or sent directly to the visitor’s email.

How Events & Ticketing Benefits Visitors, Admins, and Businesses:

Visitors: Simplifies the ticket purchasing process and encourages exploration of local events.
Admins: Provides valuable data on visitor preferences and trends.
Businesses: Increases visibility and revenue through ticket sales and targeted advertising.

Hootboard with Ads and Events & Ticketing: Revenue Generation through Value Creation

Hootboard kiosks provide DMOs and other travel entities with new revenue opportunities by offering targeted advertising and ticketing services. Here’s how these features contribute to value creation:

1. Advertising Opportunities:

  • Banner Ads: Local businesses can display ads in a rotating banner on the kiosk’s homepage.
  • Sponsored Listings: Prioritize partner businesses in search results or bulletins.
  • Promotional Videos: Showcase businesses with engaging video ads.

2. Events and Ticketing:

  • Ticket Sales: Generate revenue through direct ticket sales.
  • Sponsored Events: Promote sponsored events for increased visibility and revenue.

3. Media Investor Model:

  • Shared Revenue: Partner with media companies that invest in kiosks and share ad revenue.
  • Reduced Costs: Lower installation costs by collaborating with media investors.

Why Choose Hootboard for Your Travel Kiosk Solution?

Hootboard’s travel kiosks stand out because of their robust features, customizable interfaces, and ability to enhance visitor experiences while generating revenue for DMOs and local businesses. Here’s why you should consider Hootboard for your travel kiosk solution:

Comprehensive Solution: From bulletins to selfies and itineraries to ticketing, Hootboard kiosks offer a full suite of features.
Customization: Tailor the kiosk interface to match your branding and destination needs.
Revenue Generation: Maximize revenue opportunities through ads and ticket sales.
Visitor Engagement: Provide visitors with a personalized, convenient, and memorable travel experience.

Closing Thoughts

Travel kiosks have become essential tools for DMOs, hotels, and visitor centers. With features like bulletins, selfies, itineraries, and ticketing, Hootboard kiosks offer an all-in-one solution that caters to the needs of both travelers and businesses. By providing accurate, up-to-date information and personalized recommendations, Hootboard helps DMOs create memorable visitor experiences while unlocking new revenue opportunities.

Want to learn more about how Hootboard kiosks can transform your travel marketing strategy? Download our Interactive Kiosk Guide or watch this short video to see Hootboard in action.

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