Top 5 ways an interactive concierge kiosk can help your guests

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Destination Marketing, Digital Signage

Interactive Concierges Help Guests

If you’re looking for a way to differentiate your hotel from the rest, adding an interactive concierge kiosk is a great way to do this. It will help provide guests with information and services that can’t be found anywhere else and create a more personalized experience. Here are five ways an interactive concierge kiosk can help your guests:

Booking reservations at nearby restaurants or attractions

Have you ever been in a situation where the hotel is not big enough and there are only limited options for restaurants within walking distance? An interactive tourism concierge can provide useful information as well that will help your experience go smoothly, like which ones offer foods that suit your taste, i.e. gluten-free menus, etc. They’re available 24/7 so all day long – even on those days when tired from travel-the traveler won’t have trouble finding something delicious close by before they head off again tomorrow morning after another busy full day’s work.

Providing local information such as bus routes, parking locations, and shopping locations

Providing a friendly welcome and local information such as bus routes, parking locations, shopping areas can help a traveler. Every new traveler at a location needs to get acquainted with the area quickly for them to navigate around easily which might be overwhelming if not done properly by an experienced person who knows their way around well enough from experience or locals know where everything is anyways but still can make it much easier on people since this job will always help provide directions when needed alongside other services offered like giving recommendations about things one may want to see while visiting certain places during.

Handling guest requests such as room service orders or transportation arrangements

Guest requests can be handled by a concierge kiosk to help hotels satisfy their customers. This is especially useful for those who offer room service or transportation arrangements, as it ensures the correct person receives an order and quickly responds when there are issues with rooms or other aspects of operation at your facility! If you have travel amenities available in-house that will get people where they want to go (i.e., airport shuttles).

Offering up exclusive discounts and promotions

A digital concierge kiosk can offer exclusive discounts and promotions to make your business more attractive for visitors. With the help of this technology, local businesses can work together in creating offers that will draw guests’ attention while they are on vacation or traveling through town. It is important because people love getting special perks. If their time spent at any given location feels worthwhile, then you’ll have repeat customers who will look forward to coming back.

Showing realtime information about nearby activities, events, and attractions

A digital concierge is great for showing real-time information about nearby activities, events, and attractions. Travel guests will love knowing what fun unique things are happening in your location without having to speak with a person! You can even advertise special events on the kiosk when you have an advertising feature that allows this function. This is perfect if your partners around town know how much business such as yours means to them so they don’t miss out on opportunities like these!

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