Top 4 DMO Insights from the Podcast So Far

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Destination Marketing

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Brianna Francis Interview

Brianna Francis, VP of Marketing Communications at York County, joins the HootBoard Visitor Information and Destination marketing podcast. We covered many topics related to content creation and its role in promoting a destination. We discussed the importance of in-destination marketing and how it can drive a great user experience. 


What is the ROI of Destination Marketing?

Todd, Executive Director from Discover Schenectady, answers an interesting question about the return on the investment in destination marketing. This is a common discussion topic for anyone looking to invest marketing dollars. Todd does a good job of breaking it down and assigning a value.

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How to Get Buy-In from Officials or Board Members who May Be Standoffish on an Idea?


Guilherme “Gui” Cunha, Tourism Director from Orland North, shares his thoughts about how to win over hearts and minds that mind not want to move forward on an idea. Sometime it can be tough to get everyone aligned, and maintain alignment throughout an initiative. Gui shares his way of approaching this situation.

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Resources that Destination Marketers Should Be Utilizing

We asked CEO at Relic Advertising and Destination Marketing podcast host Adam Stoker “What are some resources that DMOs are not taking full advantage of and should be?” Adam shares his thoughts on allocation of resources in destinations and why the area he recommends is a good use of investment. 

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What is the process of identifying a unique experience for a destination?


CEO and President Elaine Schroth from Visit Concord provides great insights on how to identify a unique experience for a destination. Sometimes local areas are known for a specific thing, so being able to provide an experience that might be a little bit different is a good way to provide a memorable experience. 

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