Reasons for having a Tourism Visitor Information kiosks at your Destination

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Destination Marketing

digital kiosk network

Visitor information kiosks OR tourist kiosks are not just a fad but quickly becoming a real method of getting your visitors to enjoy your destination. While you might have multiple reasons for deploying a tourist information kiosk network, here are some of the common ones we hear.

Influence visitor activities

Yes as obvious as it may sound, you want to clearly understand why you need kiosks and this shall be the main goal. There are multiple reasons that lead you to believe you have lesser control of your visitor’s actions. Below are a few:

    • Your visitor center traffic has been reducing for years
    • Only a few key attractions at your destination are drawing most of the traffic i.e. Overtourism
    • Visitors don’t seem to be getting the full experience of what your destination has to offer and leading to missed word-of-mouth/social-media opportunities
    • Your destination is large enough to need multiple visitor centers but its hard to operate more
    • You want to reach visitors where they are.

Influence community narrative

If citizens and businesses of your own community are not positioning your destination correctly, you have a huge missed opportunity. Effective visitor information can even double down as citizen information allowing you to influence how citizens communicate about your destination with possible visitors.

Positively impact business

You want to provide visibility to your destinations businesses and attractions. Having effective visitor information using kiosks allows your DMO to impact the economic development process.

Pandemic imperatives

We cannot ignore imperatives imposed as a result of the pandemic. You might be worried that you might not get enough volunteers, or, you want to reduce the traffic at your visitor center. You might not be planning on printing your traditional visitor guide.

Reduce waste

All of us know about the flyer racks. These flyers are mostly wasted and a costly expense for your area attractions. Digital information is extremely cheap and allows your DMO and area attractions to disseminate information. Additionally, digital information is trackable.

Create additional revenue sources

The pandemic has impacted how all DMOs think of revenue. Diversification has become important and kiosks can allow your DMO to create an additional source of revenue.

Once you are clear of your objectives, get ready with a comprehensive budget proposal. Here’s an article on what you will need to create one.