A Breakdown: 3 Takeaways from “The End of Tourism as We Know It”

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Destination Marketing, Newsletters, Touch Kiosks

Reviewing this  Tourism Article

We like to look around the internet and see what the tourism industry is talking about. We like to break it down, provide our takeaways, and perhaps even offer solutions to issues raised in the articles. The page begins with “The End of Tourism as we Know It” and it goes into insights like this “In Copenhagen, tourism works best when visitors add value to local life by becoming temporary residents.” Below are some of their thoughts, and we provide a breakdown with our reaction.


#1 – Insight: “Give the visitor opportunities to make content that can be shared”

Destination Think really took the words out of our mouths on this one. This research is perfectly aligned with our focus on connecting visitors to the best a destination has to offer. If the ultimate goal is to create an experience that generates interest among others in one’s social circle, which leads to more visits, then give the visitor a place to create an image, video, or unique visual experience that can be shared across social media. It can also create an experience that promotes revisits for when those ‘memories’ populate on their social feeds years down the line. This brings us to the next important aspect of the research paper.


#2 – Concept: “The Repeat Visitor”

The paper explores the idea behind ‘removing barriers to purchase,’ and ‘targeting visitors with high conversion potential.’ This is also an initiative that HootBoard has been consistently addressing in order to get more ‘buying conversions’ at the locations where the visitors are. Visitors expect an easy way to make their purchase when they are ready to spend their money. Whether that be with QR codes that direct users to buy tickets, or sending receipts directly to their mobile devices, to having a Point of Purchase printing area at a location where the event or experience is taking place. The destination that enables a seamless buying opportunity when the user is ready will have a significant advantage with repeat visitors.


#3 – Potential Solution: “Collaboration with Stakeholders and Partners”

The article says “The DMO’s responsibility is to bring all the pieces together and act as a leader.” We consistently hear about this when we interview DMO leaders on our podcast. Bringing all the pieces together comes up again and again. Whether a DMO is creating a fun trail that sends a visitor on a journey across the location, or if they’re working with the local partners who want to engage with youth sports complexes, there are many moving parts. DMOs need to stay consistently up-to-date with any trend of innovation that can enhance this collaboration. These partners or often businesses in the area. By working with stakeholders to implement innovations (like HootBoard) in locations that drive traffic to the partners involved promotes growth..



These are just a few of the insights and discussion points brought out in the article. We highly recommend you do a deep dive into the insights and find your own conclusions. As for us here at HootBoard, we can see the importance of creating opportunities for visitors to share a moment, enabling a destination for repeat visitors, and engaging with collaboration with partners and stakeholders. HootBoard can play a role with each of these insights. We would love a chance to show you how. Reach out to us today and we can setup a FREE demo.

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