How to Engage Your Deskless Workforce with Digital Signage

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Engaging a deskless workforce can be a significant challenge for many businesses. Traditional methods of communication often fail to reach these employees, leading to lower engagement and productivity. It’s crucial for businesses to find effective ways of communicating and engaging with their deskless workforce to boost overall productivity.

Implementing Digital Signage for Deskless Workforce Engagement

Step 1 – Identify Key Messages

Begin by identifying the key messages or information you want to communicate to your deskless workforce. This could include company news, performance metrics, safety guidelines, or motivational quotes.

Step 2 – Choose Suitable Digital Signage

Depending on the nature of your deskless workforce, choose suitable digital signage. Outdoor LED screens are ideal for construction sites, while smaller, robust screens are better for manufacturing plants.

Step 3 – Deploy Strategically:

Place the digital signage in high-traffic areas where they’re most likely to be seen by your employees. This could be at entrance points, break rooms, or near workstations.

Step 4 – Incorporate Engaging Content

Alongside essential business information, include engaging content such as trivia, local news, weather updates, or employee recognition. This keeps employees engaged and increases the likelihood they’ll pay attention to crucial messages.

Step 5 – Ensure Content is Updated Regularly

To maintain its effectiveness, ensure that the content displayed on your digital signage is updated regularly. Outdated content can lead to disengagement and less frequent viewing from your employees.

Step 6 Evaluate and Adjust

Use analytics from your digital signage software to evaluate your communication strategy’s effectiveness. Look for patterns in engagement, and adjust your content, placement, or frequency as needed.

Remember, digital signage serves as a visual communication channel that can significantly improve your ability to engage with a deskless workforce, making it a valuable tool in your engagement strategy.

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Why Choose Digital Signage for Engagement?

Digital signage offers an innovative solution to the challenges of deskless employee engagement. Here’s why.

Instant Communication

With digital signage, businesses can share real-time updates and announcements, ensuring all employees stay informed and engaged.

Easy Accessibility

Digital signage makes information accessible to all employees, regardless of their location or role, promoting inclusion and engagement across the board.

Visual Appeal

Digital signage leverages engaging visual formats to grab attention and improve message retention, making it a powerful tool for communication, especially with mobile devices.

Customization Options

Digital signage allows for tailored content for different teams or departments, enhancing relevance and engagement.

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Different Usecases

Understanding the needs of your deskless workforce is essential when implementing digital signage. Here are some potential use cases for different industries.


Scenario 1 – The first scenario is within the healthcare industry, where deskless workers such as nurses and technicians can greatly benefit from digital signage. The signs could display real-time patient information, shift schedules, emergency instructions and health and safety guidelines, greatly improving efficiency and communication.


Scenario 2 – In the retail industry, sales associates are constantly moving around the store assisting customers. Digital signage can be used to display daily sales targets, promotional offers, product information or staff schedules, providing valuable information on-the-go to enhance their performance and customer service.


Scenario 3 – In the logistical and delivery services sector, digital signage can prove crucial. The drivers, loaders and sorters that make up this deskless workforce could be updated with loading schedules, traffic information, weather updates, and delivery routes via digital signage placed at strategic points, thus streamlining the workflow.


Practical Tips to Implement Digital Signage

To reap the benefits of digital signage, businesses need to consider the following:

  • Choosing the right type of digital signage that suits their needs and budget.
  • Investing in effective content creation and management strategies.
  • Regularly measuring and analyzing engagement levels to make necessary improvements.

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Top Tools for Digital Signage

When implementing digital signage for your deskless workforce, several critical tools can enhance effectiveness. For instance, digital calendars can keep everyone informed about important dates or events. Announcements can be easily disseminated, ensuring critical information reaches all employees promptly. A user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) is necessary for managing the content on your digital signage. A mobile app can provide your workforce with access to the same information on their personal devices, ensuring no one misses out on important updates. Additionally, QR codes could be used to provide further information or resources without cluttering the digital signage. These tools, along with others, can greatly improve the efficiency and reach of your digital signage communication strategy.


Digital signage offers a powerful solution to the challenges of engaging a deskless workforce. By leveraging its capabilities, businesses can significantly improve communication, engagement, and productivity among their employees.


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