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Today we are excited to announce a significant milestone for HootBoard. With great pride, we are happy to introduce free versions of HootBoard’s easy to setup kiosk and digital signage software.

We’re thrilled to bring you this long-awaited update. Our team at HootBoard has been tirelessly working to fortify the core services we provide, a mission that is ongoing. Meanwhile, we’ve also been eager to ensure even the smallest organizations can tap into the revolutionary features that HootBoard brings.

Our focus remains on providing an effective digital signage solution that allows you to manage your own digital signage brand. This update supports a diverse range of media formats and is compatible with various operating systems, enhancing our content management system.

We’re also excited to announce the availability of a free version of our software, designed to support digital displays with multi-screen capabilities. This free software, akin to rise vision, boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies signage scheduling across multiple platforms.

Whether you’re using android devices or other systems, managing media files has never been easier. With our update, you can enjoy unlimited displays without needing significant technical expertise. All you need is one screen and an internet connection to get your digital sign up and running.

So, stay tuned as we continue to revolutionize the digital signage brand landscape, bringing you more groundbreaking capabilities in the future.

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Make Your Digital Signage Content Look Great

Our mission here at HootBoard is to help people and organizations align better through effective communication and people engagement.

One of the first building blocks to achieving the mission was to create the first of its kind 360 degree communications platform that allows organizations to have a single effective place to communicate with their audience across all possible channels – web, mobile, digital signage, and touch kiosks. Award-worthy HootBoard-powered touch kiosks are now in use in over 14 countries across the globe and growing rapidly.

As part of this phase, we implemented some key concepts like being able to post once and have your communications post to multiple channels. We also launched our app store that allows users to create their own apps to point to a webpage or pull relevant content together.

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A Digital Signage Solution for the Modern Age

Today I am happy to say that our relentless focus on this mission has allowed us to quickly become the kiosk software of choice for the tourism industry in the span of two short years.

With that success as a foundation, we feel we have an opportunity to align even better with our mission to help organizations of all sizes achieve success by effectively communicating with and engaging audiences that matter to them. The freemium access to some of the core functionality then makes a lot of sense.

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Easily Set Up Your Free Digital Signage Software

Organizations can now set up their own digital signage and kiosks simply by signing up, and connecting to their HootBoard accounts via. a free screen id. Once they hit the monthly usage limit, they can decide if they want to upgrade or simply wait for the usage to reset the following month.

The free signage and the free digital kiosks functionality include a 100 monthly engagement units limit till some functionality gets hidden. Also, these screens may be ad-supported with reduced revenue sharing. We hope that making the freemium version available means more organizations will be able to take advantage of what we have to offer.

As always we love your comments and feedback – that is how we get better. If any of you have any questions or feedback, please reply or reach out to support@hootboard.com

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Popular Digital Signage Uses

  • Office Communication – HootBoard’s free digital signage software allows offices to display important announcements, meeting reminders, or performance metrics on smart TVs. It makes internal communication more engaging and efficient.
  • Employee Engagement – Digital signage apps can be used to recognize employee achievements, share company news, office internal communications, or promote team building activities. With HootBoard, you can create dynamic content that engages employees and enhances their work experience.
  • Deskless Workers – For workers who don’t have a dedicated workspace, digital signage media players can provide critical information and updates. The best part is HootBoard’s software works seamlessly with any operating system, including Android devices.
  • Lobby Marketing – A digital display in a lobby can promote products, services, or upcoming events to visitors. HootBoard’s advanced features make it easy to distribute content to your target audience, enhancing the customer experience.
  • Large Lobby Spaces – With HootBoard, any place with a large lobby can become an engaging content hub. The software allows for content scheduling, ensuring relevant information is displayed at the right time.
  • Customer Experience – Digital signage can be used to provide useful information, advertise special offers, or entertain customers while they wait. HootBoard’s free account comes with unlimited storage, allowing businesses to create a variety of engaging content.

HootBoard’s free digital signage software has a user-friendly interface, eliminating the steep learning curve often associated with similar systems. Plus, if you need help, phone support is readily available. You can also embed a web page directly onto your digital display, providing even more ways to engage your audience.

Download HootBoard’s free digital signage apps today to revolutionize your communication strategy. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it’s the best digital signage software for businesses of all sizes.

Questions? Contact Our Digital Signage Team! We are Ready to Help

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to tell you more about our free digital signage software. If you need case studies, or review from our many satisfied customers, we would love to provide that to you.

Some Good Questions to Consider Asking

If you need some guidance, here are some great questions to consider if you wish to learn more. Feel free to pick any question from this list that applies to you, and we can get started.

  • What are the core features of HootBoard’s free digital signage software?
  • Can I manage unlimited remote screens using your digital signage solution?
  • How can I create engaging digital signage content using your platform?
  • Are there any basic features that are not included in the free digital signage solutions but are available in paid digital signage plans?
  • Can HootBoard’s digital signage software be used for digital menu boards and TV screens?
  • Does your digital signage system support interactive digital signage?
  • Are there free templates available for creating digital signage content?
  • Can your digital signage software handle multiple screens at once?
  • Is the digital signage player included in the free digital signage package or is it sold separately?
  • How does your digital signage solution work with smart TVs and other mobile devices?
  • Is your digital signage software completely free or are there hidden costs?
  • Can your digital signage software be used to manage digital signage screens remotely?
  • Is there an option for unlimited screens in your free digital signage solutions?
  • Can your digital signage software be customized to meet my specific digital signage needs?
  • Is HootBoard’s digital signage software based on open source digital signage technology?
  • Can I display digital signs on multiple types of digital screens (e.g., TV screens, digital menu boards) with HootBoard’s software?

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Hey! Why don’t you answer these questions here?

Good question! We would love to, however, every usecase has a different scenario for the above questions. In order for us to serve you as accurately as possible, we need to get more information from you. That’s why we offer these questions that you can choose from and bring to a discussion with one of our experts. You can ask however you’d like. You don’t have to call. Simply email, submit a form question, or schedule a time. We are here for you.

Satya Shahade
Founder & CEO, HootBoard

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