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by | Jun 29, 2022 | Company Updates, Digital Signage, New Features, Product Updates, Touch Kiosks

Today we are excited to announce a significant milestone for HootBoard. With great pride, we are happy to introduce free versions of HootBoard’s easy to setup kiosk and digital signage software. 

This update has been a long time coming. Till now we have been focusing on stabilizing the core of HootBoard services and while that part of the journey continues forever, we wanted even the smallest organizations to have access to some of the groundbreaking capabilities HootBoard has to offer. 

Our mission here at HootBoard is to help people and organizations align better through effective communication and people engagement. 

One of the first building blocks to achieving the mission was to create the first of its kind 360 degree communications platform that allows organizations to have a single effective place to communicate with their audience across all possible channels – web, mobile, digital signage, and touch kiosks. Award-worthy HootBoard-powered touch kiosks are now in use in over 14 countries across the globe and growing rapidly. 

As part of this phase, we implemented some key concepts like being able to post once and have your communications post to multiple channels. We also launched our app store that allows users to create their own apps to point to a webpage or pull relevant content together. 

Today I am happy to say that our relentless focus on this mission has allowed us to quickly become the kiosk software of choice for the tourism industry in the span of two short years. 

With that success as a foundation, we feel we have an opportunity to align even better with our mission to help organizations of all sizes achieve success by effectively communicating with and engaging audiences that matter to them. The freemium access to some of the core functionality then makes a lot of sense. 

Organizations can now set up their own digital signage and kiosks simply by signing up, and connecting to their HootBoard accounts via. a free screen id. Once they hit the monthly usage limit, they can decide if they want to upgrade or simply wait for the usage to reset the following month. 

The free signage and the free digital kiosks functionality include a 100 monthly engagement units limit till some functionality gets hidden. Also, these screens may be ad-supported with reduced revenue sharing. We hope that making the freemium version available means more organizations will be able to take advantage of what we have to offer. 

As always we love your comments and feedback – that is how we get better. If any of you have any questions or feedback, please reply or reach out to support@hootboard.com


Satya Shahade
Founder & CEO, HootBoard

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