You asked and we listened! We have added a super easy way for you to invite posting members or followers to your board. With this new feature, anyone you invite has to simply accept your invitation.

As an admin you will find the button for Invite at the top right hand corner of your board. You can then select who you would like to invite. Members will immediately gain posting access once they accept the invitation whereas followers will immediately start receiving email updates.

Along with the new way to invite, we have provided younew ways to Manage all the members on your board. You can see any pending access requests, invites that you previously sent and moderate for anyone currently on your board.

Pro Tips

    • – Import contacts from your address book to quickly send multiple invities at once.
    • – Did someone forget to accept the invitaiton? You can resend the invitation
    • – You no longer want somoene to join your board? You can cancel an invitation.
    • – You can quickly search through members of your board using the search.

    How to Invite :

    Ready to Spread some Invites?

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