There is now an easy way to share posts between Hootboards. Rehoot is a powerful feature that allows you to take a hoot you find valuable on another HootBoard and post it to directly to your board. And of course vice versa!

To rehoot simply click on the rehoot icon on the hoot of interest or click the rehoot button after clicking into a hoot. You can then select a board(s) where you have posting access and then click rehoot. It’s important to note that hoots can only be rehooted if the visibility on initial board it is posted to is public.

Pro Tips

    • – You can rehoot posts to any sub-boards you have posting access to
      • – You can manage rehoots specifically to your board by placing them into collections, changing the visibility adding an expiry date and more.
        • – Rehoots can be rehooted!

        How to use rehoot

        Ready to rehoot?

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