How Digital Kiosks Make Cities More Smarter

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Destination Marketing, Smart City

Kiosk for Smart Cities

Smart cities have become an increasingly popular concept in recent years, driven by advances in technology that enable the use of smart systems for various urban functions. One such technology is smart kiosks, which are being used by cities worldwide to achieve both civic and economic benefits. In this article, we will explore how smart cities can implement smart kiosks and reap their benefits to enhance the quality of life for their citizens.

Benefits of Having Outdoor Kiosks in Smart Cities

Smart kiosks are interactive systems designed to engage with users and provide them with information, products, and services. They can be found in various public locations, such as airports, malls, and bus stations. The kiosks are connected to a wireless network and can display multimedia content, collect data, and perform several functions such as wayfinding, public announcements, and emergency alerts. They also provide the city with a centralized platform to disseminate official information and interact with constituents.

Smartcity Kiosk Features

Civic Benefits

Smart kiosks offer a wide range of benefits for cities aiming to improve civic services. For instance, they can improve communication between the city and its citizens by providing real-time information about city services, and events and promoting participation in government services like voting. Wayfinding functions help visitors and residents navigate their way through a city more efficiently. Smart kiosks can also enable seamless payments for city services, such as parking and public transportation, reducing waiting times. Some other benefits include: 

  • Improved access to important services and information
  • Greater transparency and accountability for city services
  • More efficient allocation of public resources
  • Increased safety and security through real-time surveillance
  • Easier ways to report incidents or voice concerns

Smart kiosks are a great way to engage your community.

Promoting Local Businesses

Smart kiosks can also prove consequential in injecting momentum into local economies. Cities can implement advertising functions, which lure advertisers and provide a new source of revenue for the city. These interactive displays can improve local businesses by advertising local goods and services within the kiosks. Furthermore, smart kiosks can boost tourism by promoting popular tourist attractions in a specific geographic area, thereby stimulating the economy. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Increased visibility for local businesses
  • Decreased operating costs for businesses
  • Convenient access to goods and services for customers
  • An easy way to stay up-to-date on new offers and promotions

By utilizing outdoor kiosks, we can make it easier than ever for people to discover, engage with, and support their favorite local businesses.

Smart Transit Technology

One approach to upgrading a transit system is to include kiosk designs along with new shelters, using funds that are already allocated for the project. This way, the city’s budget for the upgrades remains consistent with the initial plan. Smart Transit Technology with kiosks can do wonders for our smart cities:

  • Increased efficiency and convenience through faster commutes
  • Reduced traffic congestion in densely populated places
  • Improved access to transportation services for individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds
  • Effective management of urban mobility data to optimize public transit networks
  • Cost savings on infrastructure investments by reducing the demand on roads

Additionally, partnering with an organization that provides assistance for content on the kiosks can help share the cost of the structure.

HootBoard Transit App

Public Safety

For public safety, a budget can be set up for public warning devices that can inform residents and visitors about severe weather, accidents, or other situations that can be dangerous. Installing kiosks can help take over the network during an emergency. Smart kiosks can include a wide range of features to improve public safety:

  • Real-time updates on public safety incidents
  • Access to emergency services and contact information
  • Location-based alerts on suspicious activity or extreme weather
  • Emergency defibrillator access in case of cardiac arrest
  • Identification scanning technology for better access control

The city can partner with an organization that provides and manages the content to develop emergency protocols and assist people in need.

City Wayfinding

Outdoor touch screen kiosks are the perfect wayfinding tool for smart cities. Utilizing a touch screen kiosk’s interactive maps, visitors and citizens of your city can easily locate points of interest, find their way around unfamiliar areas, and navigate public transportation. Smart kiosks can be a great help for wayfinding with features like:

  • Maps of local area with zoomable options
  • Audio and visual directions in multiple languages
  • Real-time updates on traffic, delays, and public transportation schedule changes
  • Access to contact information of local businesses, government offices, and other services
  • Personalized itineraries to optimize routes and save time

Wayfinding with a touch screen kiosk empowers people to explore and experience more in our cities. 

Enhanced Communication

A city’s communication budget can assist in kiosk costs, as these interactive systems can serve as a channel for sharing public health information, city events, get-out-the-vote campaigns, and other important messages. Enhanced Communication with smart kiosks can benefit Smart Cities in many ways:

  • Improved and more efficient communication between citizens and government
  • Reduced response times to emergencies and improved safety
  • More reliable public transportation by monitoring routes and providing step by step directions
  • Data-driven insights to inform city planning decisions
  • Streamlined online services with easier access to municipal records and information

Because kiosk displays change frequently, people are more likely to notice dynamic content than static posters, which tend to fade over time.

Virtual Bulletin Board

Outdoor touchscreen kiosks can be used to create a virtual local bulletin board in communities, offering an interactive and engaging way for people to get informed on upcoming events and activities. A local bulletin board lets citizens discover exciting activities that are happening in their area, whether it’s social events, charity drives, or educational workshops. A Virtual Bulletin Board on a smart kiosk can provide many helpful features:

  • Ability to post emergency messages, including up-to-date information and directions
  • Real-time updates on events and activities in the area
  • Display of digital advertisements tailored to the local context
  • A virtual tour of landmarks, tourist attractions and other places of interest
  • Access to local community resources such as government offices, charities, and businesses

It’s also a great platform for businesses to promote new offers and services. With outdoor touch screen kiosks, you can make use of this technology to build stronger bonds between the community and its members. 

Final Thoughts on Smart Kiosks

Smart kiosks enable cities to improve civic services for their citizens and provide new economic opportunities. The benefits of smart kiosks are clear, as seen in the examples discussed. As urban areas continue to grow and evolve, smart cities must take advantage of technological advancements like smart kiosks to enhance the quality of life for their citizens.

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