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by | May 9, 2024 | Destination Marketing

Destination marketing is all about crafting a compelling image for a location that attracts travelers from across the globe. Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are at the forefront of this strategy, curating and promoting the best of what their destination has to offer, whether it’s historical landmarks, stunning landscapes, or unique culinary experiences. Their goal is simple yet challenging: create memorable experiences that make tourists want to return and share their positive stories with others.


How DMOs Budget Their Marketing Spend


When budgeting for marketing efforts, DMOs prioritize strategic areas to ensure comprehensive promotion. Typically, the marketing spend is divided among several key categories:

  • Advertising Campaigns: From traditional media (print, radio, TV) to digital channels (social media, PPC ads).
  • Content Creation: Blogs, videos, influencer marketing, and professional photography.
  • Public Relations: Press releases, media tours, and travel bloggers.
  • Market Research & Analytics: Understanding traveler preferences, analyzing trends, and measuring ROI.
  • Event Sponsorships: Partnering with local festivals and events.
  • Digital Kiosks and Signage: Providing travelers with interactive tools.
  • Partnerships: Collaborating with airlines, hotels, and travel agents.


The importance of audience in In-Destination Marketing

Understanding In-Destination Marketing


In-destination marketing takes the concept a step further by focusing on enhancing the traveler’s journey after they’ve arrived at their destination. This strategy aims to ensure visitors have a memorable time while encouraging them to spend more at local businesses. It’s the final touch that can turn a good vacation into a truly great one.

Picture this: A traveler arrives at their destination, and while exploring the city center, they come across an interactive kiosk that offers maps, lists of nearby attractions, restaurants, and events. The sleek digital signage displays rotating ads from local businesses, creating a welcoming atmosphere while offering valuable information. It’s the ultimate concierge service.


To understand the significance of in-destination marketing, let’s explore some travel statistics:


  • The travel and tourism industry generated over $1.9 trillion in economic output in 2022.
  • 80% of travelers use their smartphones to search for local information once they’ve arrived.
  • Domestic leisure travel is projected to increase by 8% in 2024.
  • Digital advertising spending in the travel sector is expected to exceed $10 billion in 2024.

With travelers increasingly relying on digital tools to explore their destinations, DMOs have a unique opportunity to influence their journey through in-destination marketing.


Opportunities for In-Destination Marketing


There are several avenues for DMOs to enhance their in-destination marketing strategy. Here’s a closer look:


  • Interactive Kiosks: Enhancing the Traveler Experience

Interactive kiosks serve as digital concierge, providing travelers with maps, local attractions, and event listings. The advertising opportunities are vast, allowing DMOs to generate revenue through rotating banners, sponsored listings, and promotional videos. Moreover, some DMOs even offer a media investor model, where media companies can invest in kiosks and share the advertising revenue.

  • Digital Signage: Engaging and Informative

Digital signage is another powerful tool that grabs travelers’ attention with engaging content. From event listings to special offers at nearby restaurants, digital screens deliver a visual feast of information. DMOs can offer dynamic ad slots to local businesses, helping visitors explore the destination with ease.

  • Mobile Apps: Personalized and Convenient

Mobile apps deliver personalized recommendations based on traveler preferences. With in-app advertising, DMOs can generate revenue through sponsored listings and native ads while providing visitors with a tailored travel experience.

  • Local Partnerships: Building Collaborative Success

Local partnerships between DMOs, hotels, restaurants, and event organizers create cross-promotional marketing campaigns that benefit everyone. Exclusive discounts and promotions encourage travelers to explore and spend more, ultimately strengthening the local economy.


How Hootboard’s Interactive Kiosks Can Elevate Your In-Destination Marketing


Our interactive kiosks are designed to transform your in-destination marketing strategy. Here’s what they offer:

  • Customizable Interface: Tailor the kiosk’s content to match your destination’s branding.
  • Comprehensive Directory: Provide travelers with a digital directory of local attractions, events, dining, and shopping.
  • Interactive Maps: Make navigation a breeze with our intuitive maps.
  • Analytics & Insights: Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences.


Advertising Opportunities:


  • Banner Ads: Local businesses can appear in a rotating banner on the kiosk’s homepage.
  • Sponsored Listings: Partner businesses can be prioritized in search results.
  • Promotional Videos: Showcase businesses with engaging video ads.

For detailed information on how Hootboard’s kiosks can revolutionize your in-destination marketing strategy, download our Interactive Kiosk Guide.


Closing Thoughts


In-destination marketing is a critical strategy for DMOs looking to create memorable experiences, increase traveler spending, and strengthen local partnerships. With tools like Hootboard’s interactive kiosks, you can transform your destination into a visitor-friendly hub that leaves a lasting impression.

Let’s make your destination shine!


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