Engaged, more connected citizens


HootBoard is a town hall for your citizens. Digital and Physical. Make official announcements, enable discussions, and add a calendar of local events.


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One platform to unify communications


HootBoard is a cool bulletin board that your entire community will love. Additionally, HootBoard integrates seamlessly with your key communication channels to create one outreach environment for your entire property.

Website Integration

Use on hootboard.com or embed in your website. In the near future, take the integration with your site further with our public API.

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Mobile Apps

Sleek mobile apps for you and your members to access. Members stay up to date with advanced notification management.

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Digital Signage

Display content from your HootBoard to TV panels that you may already have. No more walking thumb drives around.

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Interactive Screens

Ground breaking interactive touch screen displays. Users can interact with HootBoard content or use one of the apps to get things done.

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Social Connectors

Connect to your social media accounts and automatically share content across platforms. Now you can easily create a hoot when you tweet.

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Email Newsletters

People get lazy, but that’s okay. Once a week, we send a summary of all posts to everyone who has been invited, even if they didn’t join yet.

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More Premium Features coming

Community Calendar

Add events to your HootBoard and we’ll automatically create a calendar events for you that can be embedded on your website and shown on TV screens.

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Emergency Notifications

In the event of an emergency, push out alerts to screens, email, SMS and push notifications

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Holistic reports that show activity and engagement for posts and boards for all the channels HootBoard works on. Web, mobile, email and screens.

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From a Q&A forum to a listing service to events and resources, HootBoard provides you the tools to bring your community together. Use a Hootboard for free or turn your board into a revenue stream.


Easily Embed on your Website

Match the board to the look and feel of your site and then its as simple as a copy and paste into your site’s code. We’ll help you get setup!

Effortlessly Organize Content

Filtering, sorting & searching allows anyone to find anything at anytime.

Even create your own community classifieds experience by automatically organizing posts using #collections. Collections are simply all hoots with the same hashtag. Choose which collections are paid and which remain free. As admin you can always post to any collections for free.

Multiple Ways to Post

Start a discussion, use a link from popular sites, upload a file or create your own multi-media post from scratch.

Interactive Like Never Before

Email, call, text, navigate, RSVP, add to calendar or even buy directly from each post.

Hoot Display

Mobile Friendly

HootBoard works seamlessly on all devices even when its part of your website. You members can be involved with your community right  from their mobile devices.

Join thousands of other organizations on HootBoard!

We’re here to help you and others in your organization be connected to what is most important – one another. Use a HootBoard to provide your community a way for them to share experiences, stay up to date on events and help make an impact.