Digital Signage unlike
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Beautiful Posts
in Seconds

Upload your own png, jpeg, pdf’s or use a link to add events, announcements, and more from the web or mobile.

Access Content

Digital signage is much more powerful when it can be accessed after viewing it. The same post you see on the screen can be accessed on mobile, web and via our auto-generated newsletter.

Go further
with Apps

Show upcoming events using our calendar. Send Emergency Notifications to your Screens. Utilize our Connectors to display content from Twitter and other applications.

One Click

Choose from a variety of templates to customize the look of each individual post

Some of the Places You’ll Find HootBoard

Other Benefits

Scheduling Made Easy

Assign dates for posts to hide from your screens or schedule (coming) them ahead of time.


Add links to your board and specific posts so people can access on their own time and on own their own device.


Add a custom bottom ticker, background, logo and your local weather to make the HootBoard feel yours. Schedule a Demo

1 Click Approvals

Streamline the process for community posts with one click pre-approvals

Manage from the Cloud

All updates like new posts happen instantly!

Content Flexibility

Show all posts or use #tags to show certain posts on specific screen

Hardware Flexibility

Use the HootBoard Reflect or use your own hardware to run digital signage

Community Calendar (Coming)

Show upcoming events or a calendar view of all the events taking place on your HootBoard

Under the Hood

Sizes vary from 27″ – 55″ for wall mount and 47″ or 55″ for kiosk.

Works with all HD screens


Can work with our hardware or yours.

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