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by | Oct 15, 2020 | Newsletters, Technology, Touch Kiosks

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Creating a visually pleasing kiosk terminal with dependable hardware can only be fully appreciated if useful touch screen kiosk software accommodates the unit. That’s where HootBoard comes in! Our skilled software developers create best in class software solutions to enhance your usability and create a great experience for enterprise and other end users.

HootBoard is an interactive touch screen kiosk, signage software and people engagement solutions for employee engagement, citizen & visitor engagement, tourism information, and out-of-home (OOH) Ads. 

HootBoard powered kiosks are installed in hundreds of locations across 14 countries for various applications from employee engagement to visitor information and management. Our user friendly content management system enable users to get the most out of their kiosk system. Our user interface can be designed to create a point of sale experience, enabling you to close a sale as efficiently as possible.


Apps for Many Occasions

Connect web pages into clickable apps with digital signage. The interactive touch experience makes it  easy for users to get useful information in real time. Our service kiosks connect with mobile devices in order to bring a great user experience. 

Apps on HootBoard provide a way to add a variety of online services under one application which can then be distributed on HootBoard Kiosks, HootBoard Mobile app or Web. Some examples of apps:

  • Interactive or static maps that can be used to help users navigate a specific location or space
  • Survey tools to survey visitors or users
  •  Transit information tools to help users engage with local transit option
  • Collection applications that showcase local information and activities (e.g. restaurants, things to go, places to stay, etc.)
  • Local itinerary tools allowing users to engage with activities and mark as favorite
  • Photo booth style engagement activities
  • Customer service applications to submit questions or requests for help
  • Integration with social media feeds or tools
  • Direct links to any unique URL
  • Many more based on your needs


Apps on HootBoard can be essentially any cloud service on open web that can simply be added to the platform. 

HootBoard is a premier creator of such solutions trusted by fortune 500 companies like GE Healthcare, DHL; and government outfits like the Wyoming Army National Guard, Schenectady County NY, City of Philadelphia  and others. 

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