Product Update: Applications & Collections Now on Mobile!

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Product Updates

At HootBoard our mission is to enable organizations to showcase the best they have to offer. That includes an organization’s achievements, their programming, their stories, and their impact. We do this very well using our digital concierges. But there invariably comes a time in your user’s journey* where they like your content so much that they cannot consume it all standing at a screen. This is the time to activate them and get them to build a long term relationship. (*When we say ‘user’ we mean any and all patrons, customers, students, residents, employees, etc.)

HootBoard’s Follow the Kiosk Technology

One HootBoard feature that helps to build those relationships is our Follow the KioskTM technology. Your users can follow your kiosk on their mobile phone (through the HootBoard app and your dedicated short URL) and take your content to engage with on the convenience of their own trusty mobile phone. Until recently, users could only see the content (or hoots) that had been added to your HootBoard…


Mobile App Update

But this week our developers have made an update to our mobile app that will allow users to see your applications and collections as well – and interact with them on the go! Whether it’s an app for your customer support, featured hoots or one of the zillion other applications you can put on your HootBoard screens, they can all be found on mobile.

For HootBoard admins, you simply have to designate whether a particular app is to be allowed on mobile phones as you set it up. Then, simply sit back. As your users follow your kiosk, they will have access to all your apps inside of the larger HootBoard app!

PS. Android users – we haven’t forgotten about you!. You will have your update too.

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