New Hootboard Features You Should Know About

by | Sep 25, 2020 | New Features, Product Updates

1. Improved access to your favorite collections

Tourism collections

Experience a more convenient way to organize your favorite content. Collections group relevant hashtags together in order to streamline the content you want to see. You can add and remove collections with one click. The collections will also suggest other collections that you may want to view. Discover more, faster and easier. 


2. Easier access to your favorite apps

tourism apps for hootboard

Accessing your apps just got quicker and easier. This enhanced exposure enables you to launch the app you need right when you need it. This means improved efficiency and a better experience accomplishing your tasks.


3. Hootboard Experience

Enjoy Hootboard’s new sleek design. This modern look creates a better visual experience. User engagement is always a top priority. Improving the look and feel of the boards invites more engagement while maintaining a pleasant visual journey.


4. Improved Performance

Creativity moves quickly and we want to move at the speed of thought. The ongoing enhancement of the platform’s performance is vital to keeping up with your desire to accomplish your ideas as quickly as they originate. This time saving feature gets the job done faster across all of your devices.


5. Menu Organization

Explore a neatly organized menu to better serve your needs. You can track all of your favorite hoots, adjust your notification settings, and connect to any other social media accounts for enhanced productivity. 


6. Quick access to all of your favorite boards

Hootboard update

We’ve made it easier for users to find new boards and navigate across them. Your boards are now organized in a manner that allows you to enjoy the content while having better access to any other board you wish to click to. You can also quickly pin any board so it appears in the left navigation. This means you can get to the content you want in just a few clicks. This will save you time and keep up with your needs.


7. Better navigation

Experience a better navigation layout designed to keep users engaged. Efficient link organization allows users to access the content they want in a timely manner. This means a more enjoyable experience that keeps visitors focused.


8. The “What’s New” Feature

what is new feature hootboard

Want to know the most up-to-date information from the Hootboard team? Follow the ‘What’s New’ feature located in your user menu. New features and updates are announced here. Stay updated! We may have an update that’ll help you do your job better.

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