HootBoard Transit App

Travel smart with the HootBoard Transit App.

Navigating around your destination is now easier for your tourists and guests with the all-new HootBoard Transit app. Your guests can use this app to find detailed transit routes to move around your city.



Where can you find it?

You can find the HootBoard Transit App in the apps section of your HootBoard.
Go to: Apps >> App Directory >> Discover Apps to Install
Install yours now!





Easy destination Search

Just place the pin on the map or type the destination name in the text box.







What’s the right way to get there?

The HootBoard Transit App provides you with multiple route options to choose from. These routes are the appropriate routes mapped out for them to reach their destination.





It’s all about the details.

These routes show you all the details needed to get to the destination. They include all the modes of transit to be used, steps to take to reach a certain point, transit timings, and more. Tourists can easily plan their trip with these details.




Personalize the routes.

With the ‘Route options’ filter, tourists can further customize a route to their liking.






Get the routes on your mobile.

Tourists can scan QR codes to get the route on their phones while touring.






Check out this fantastic app on your HootBoard & install it. Help your HootBoard users have a memorable visit.

If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us at support@hootboard.com. We will be happy to help. 🙂

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