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HootBoard is grounded in the belief that humans inherently desire to be part of something bigger than themselves, fostering a sense of connection and belonging that drives them towards collective goals. In line with this, HootBoard develops products and services aimed at facilitating meaningful connections between individuals and the organizations they interact with. 

For universities, this translates into creating platforms for students and faculty to connect over activities, courses and campus life. One such product is HootBoard’s CampusHub™, an interactive kiosk pre-loaded with software designed to enrich campus experiences. It allows users to post and organize multimedia content across various applications like the Bulletin Board for campus updates, List creator for planning activities, UniversityGuide™ for campus navigation, Selfiebooth™ for sharing campus moments, and Campus Safety Announcements for security updates. Additionally, its analytics service provides insights into student interactions, helping craft a more personalized educational environment.

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For Students: Navigating Campus and Building Community

With HootBoard CampusHub™, students can:

  • Navigate the Campus Efficiently – Use the interactive campus map to locate buildings, departments, and amenities like libraries and sports complexes. Get turn-by-turn directions right on the kiosk display.
  • Stay Updated – Get real-time updates and announcements from the university administration, sports teams, and clubs. Keep track of events, deadlines, and important news on the Bulletin Board app.
  • Connect with Peers – Share selfies and memories as ‘Hoots’, participate in polls and surveys, and create a vibrant virtual community with fellow students.
  • Selfiebooth™: Features a custom overlay that represents the spirit of your university, promotes sharing of campus experiences, celebration of milestones, and fosters a sense of belonging and shared experience among students and faculty.
  • Campus Safety Announcements: Ensures the campus community stays safe and informed about weather warnings, health advisories, or security alerts, facilitating swift communication of vital information to everyone on campus.
  • Analytics Service: Provides insights into how students interact with campus services and spaces, aiding in the creation of a more personalized and responsive educational environment.

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For Faculty: Promoting Events and Streamlining Communication

Faculty members can leverage HootBoard CampusHub™ to:

  • Showcase Events and Research – Advertise seminars, workshops, and research opportunities. Share publications and achievements to enhance visibility.
  • Simplify Communication – Provide instant updates about course details and changes. Let students submit forms and requests directly through the kiosk apps.
  • Promote Collaboration – Facilitate group projects and research teams by providing a shared platform for resource sharing and meeting scheduling.

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For University Management: Enhancing Campus Experience and Streamlining Processes

University management can use HootBoard CampusHub™ to:

  • Improve Campus Experience – Use HootBoard as a wayfinding tool and information hub. Showcase campus facilities and student life through interactive displays.
  • Simplify Administrative Tasks – Allow students to pay fees, apply for scholarships, and access forms directly through HootBoard. Reduce queues at administrative offices.
  • Generate Revenue – Offer sponsored content and advertisements on the HootBoard displays. Partner with local businesses to promote their services and products to the university community.

By integrating HootBoard CampusHub™ across the university, everyone can enjoy improved communication, engagement, and easy access to information. This leads to a more cohesive and efficient campus environment.

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What is HootBoard and How Can It Be Used for Campuses?

HootBoard is a cloud-based kiosk solution designed to enhance engagement and communication within an organization.

For campuses specifically, HootBoard functions as a self-serve bulletin board kiosk information system, engaging students, faculty, and visitors via interactive touch screens. Universities can utilize this platform for a multitude of purposes.

It provides an interactive campus map that aids in navigation, a bulletin board app for real-time updates and announcements, and a shared platform for collaborative projects.

HootBoard also simplifies administrative tasks by allowing students to submit forms directly through the kiosk apps.

Moreover, it serves as a revenue-generating tool by offering sponsored content and advertisements on its displays, creating potential partnerships with local businesses.

Therefore, HootBoard plays a significant role in creating a more cohesive, efficient, and interactive campus environment.


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