How College Campuses Can Utilize Interactive Kiosks

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Education, Smart City, Touch Kiosks

Technology is ever-evolving and college campuses are no exception. One way that colleges can leverage technology to enhance the student experience is by utilizing interactive kiosks. These kiosks provide a great opportunity to educate students and visitors, while also being an effective marketing tool. Let’s take a closer look at how colleges can use interactive kiosks to benefit their campus.


Improving Campus Wayfinding with Interactive Kiosks

Navigating large college campuses can be complicated at times and interactive digital wayfinding kiosk technology provides an effective solution here too! By employing touchscreen interfaces equipped with Google Maps integration, directional arrows displaying walking routes from point A to B (or C …or D), and even audio instructions if needed—interactive wayfinding technology helps direct people around unfamiliar campuses quickly and efficiently without having to ask someone else for directions or wait in long lines at visitor centers. This type of “Smart Mapping” capability makes it easier than ever before for people on college campuses—newly accepted students included—to find buildings, classrooms, dining commons, and more easily!

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Students Safety

College campuses are where young minds flourish, and it is the responsibility of universities to ensure the safety of their students. It has become evident that educational institutions need to take proactive measures to safeguard students against potential threats. Installing interactive kiosks is an excellent way to tackle this issue. Kiosks that allow visitors to check in, for example, can be instrumental in enhancing security measures by having a record of who entered the campus and when. Through the utilization of technology, universities can modernize their approach to campus security and help prevent potential threats from turning into serious situations. It’s time for educational institutions to commit to their students’ safety and utilize innovative methods, such as interactive kiosks, to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.


Revenue Generation

Interactive kiosks not only provide an opportunity for universities to enhance campus security, but they can also be an effective revenue generation source when used to display ads. Universities can collaborate with businesses to display ads on kiosks in highly populated areas of the campus, such as near the student union or library. This partnership can be mutually beneficial for both parties, as universities can generate revenue through ad display while businesses get exposure in front of a captive audience. Moreover, universities can limit ad displays to only appropriate and relevant content while enforcing strict guidelines to ensure students’ privacy is protected. With an effective advertising strategy, universities can generate revenue while simultaneously keeping students informed, entertained, and engaged. Interactive kiosks create a win-win situation for universities to ensure campus safety while generating revenue through ad partnerships.


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Campus Information and Updates

Interactive kiosks are ideal for providing students and visitors with information about events, facilities, services, or educational materials. This technology allows for quick access to relevant information in an engaging format. Not only do these kiosks help keep students informed and up-to-date on campus goings-on, but they can also be used as a way of introducing new services or resources available to them. Additionally, interactive kiosks are becoming increasingly popular among student organizations looking for ways to increase their visibility on campus by using the kiosk’s touchscreen interface as a platform for advertising their group or upcoming events.

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Reduce Administrative Work

Interactive kiosks can greatly reduce the amount of administrative work required for colleges to keep their campuses running smoothly. By using kiosks, colleges can easily provide students with information about events, services, and resources available on campus, as well as directions and wayfinding assistance. 

This eliminates the need for administrators to manually process requests or answer inquiries in person or over the phone, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks. Additionally, interactive kiosks make it easier for colleges to track student activity and usage of campus resources, allowing for better planning and improved efficiency in the long run.

Interactive kiosks are an invaluable tool for universities looking to improve communication between faculty/staff/students, recruit potential students more effectively, and provide better wayfinding capabilities throughout campus. As technology continues to evolve, implementing interactive kiosks on college campuses has become an increasingly popular choice for colleges looking to stay ahead of the curve. 

By leveraging the power of digital technology in this way, universities can ensure that their students have access to all the information they need in order to succeed, while also making sure they have a more enjoyable and convenient experience on campus.

Final Thoughts on Interactive Kiosks for University

Interactive Kiosk technology has become commonplace on many college campuses today because of its ability to engage potential students while providing current students with important information in an easy-to-access format. Not only that but incorporating interactive digital wayfinding capabilities into these touchscreens make it much easier for people on campus (especially newcomers) to find buildings and navigate around unfamiliar territory quickly and efficiently without having to seek assistance elsewhere. Whether you’re looking for ways to enhance the communication between your school’s faculty/staff/students or simply trying to recruit more prospective applicants using cutting-edge technology—incorporating interactive kiosk solutions into your existing digital marketing strategy is definitely worth exploring!


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