4 Popular Ways to Use Hotel Concierge Software

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Destination Marketing, Digital Signage

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Hotel Concierge Software for Digital Signs and Kiosks

Hotel concierge services have been around for a long time to help guests feel at home and taken care of. However, the hotel industry is evolving rapidly due to technological advances and new demands from customers. In this blog post, I will talk about how one of the best hotel concierge software can help your guests with their needs before they even ask. Hotel Concierge Software allows you to provide excellent customer service by being able to quickly access information on demand without having any delays in communication between staff members or guest requests. This is an important investment for any hospitality company as it provides value for both your employees and your guests by increasing productivity, reducing errors, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving overall business performance.


Find the Best Restaurants in the Area

Travelers love experiencing new restaurants. They often want to find what the locals enjoy. Sometimes they check out websites that offer ‘ranking for sale’ instead of identifying with what the local community thinks is best. Hotels want software that can easily be updated by employees. It is important to keep hotel guests up-to-date about where they should go for the best restaurants near their location, and this will result in better customer service because you are partnering with local businesses instead of just listing one or two places on some website ranked based off popularity alone.


Software that Can Connect and Purchase Concert Tickets

With all of these travelers attending music events, hotels are constantly being occupied by guests who didn’t know there was a great concert in town. Now they see an advertisement for it on their phone or via email and want to buy tickets. With concierge software that can direct people towards the event as well enable them make purchases online with QR codes, paperless transactions have never been simpler.


Build Unique Itineraries

Guests love having a list of fun things they can do when they visit a new place. They also like knowing that their host cares about them enough to put together something special just for them. Make sure everyone has an unforgettable experience by using this simple tool!


Advertise in High Foot Traffic Areas

The best concierge software can enable you to advertise in high foot traffic areas of the hotel. Guests are on the go and your business partners want to reach them. Software that is designed for hotels and resorts can increase revenue by reaching their guests with a targeted message. Software that is easy-to-use, affordable, and effective is driving more revenue dollars for these locations. You can use this tool as an additional revenue stream or as part of your marketing strategy.


Schedule a Free Demo

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