Podcast: Interview with Todd Garofano from Discover Schnectady

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Destination Marketing

Discover Schenectady DMO Podcast
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0:00 Intro
Another very informative HootBoard Visitor Information and Destination Marketing Podcast begins with a brief intro of everyone.

1:01: We get to know Todd Garofano in more details. He covers his work history, and some of his specific experiences.

2:00: Todd gives us his opinion on what makes the destination marketing industry special. We then all share our thoughts on what makes it great.

3:26: We ask Todd to distinguish the importance of both managing an area and how it plays into marketing a destination.

7:30: The pandemic has changed so much over the previous year. Todd gives us some perspective on what the daily changes look like and how it is managed.

9:20: We were curious about the specific clientele in the Schenectady area. Each destination has its own personality, so getting to know how everyone markets and manages the area is important to the type of audience it serves.

13:20: Todd has developed destination spaces before, and we ask him to provide some insight on what the step-by-step process is.

19:20: Todd breaks down the process on how to decide what to spend on marketing in a specific destination.

23:03: Businesses are getting closer to opening up fully. The question is how do we help them and get them up to speed in a safe manner? What is the role of the DMO or CVB in this situation?

27:00: We learn a little bit more about Discover Schenectady’s pain points are for their destination.

27:20: DMO budgets, bed tax, and funding discussion.

31:55: We say a few goodbyes and complete another great podcast episode.