Lifecycle and Communication Touch Points of a Visitor to your Destination

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Destination Marketing, Digital Signage

visitor touchpoints and journey

People Want to Experience your Destination

The idea behind destination marketing is to make sure that the area’s tourism amenities, such as hotels and restaurants are fully utilized. This can be done by guiding people who come into your city through a specific route or even providing them with insider tips on where you should go based off what they like. It’s important to know your audience, how to speak to them, and how to connect with them. This will help them get the most out of their experience. 

Do You Know Your Audience Segments? 

Audience segmentation is an important aspect of creating a successful sales or marketing strategy. It’s the act of finding better customers, and allows you to reach them with tailored messages that will resonate more than mass-marketing could ever hope too! While it may not seem like much at first glance – dividing your audience into segments so they have similar interests/buying behaviors can really pay off in terms for future conversions (and profits). The more personal and targeted your message, the better chance you’ll have of engaging with potential customers. With time segmentation can help uncover new market opportunities that might otherwise be missed – creating products tailored around specific needs or interests for all different types of people!

How do you Speak to Your Audience?

One of the most important aspects when creating content is to make sure that it’s catering specifically for your listeners’ knowledge and experience. This will help keep them engaged with what you have going on because they know exactly how much information or expertise we need in order understand something, where our interests lie at any given time based off past behavior trends – all these things factor into a person’s listening habits. With each piece of content you should consider:

  1. Where is the visitor at in their customer journey?
  2. Why is this content important to them?
  3. What benefit is it adding to their journey?
  4. Can they save it easily and refer to it later?

You can create a more personal connection to your audience by understanding the different stages of their journey. This will serve your destination well in the long run.

Connect your Visitors

Digital touch screen kiosks can help direct people to your touch points in the area. You can add value in many different ways:

  • Build Community
    • You can customize the level of engagement for both customers and employees, building up a family-like atmosphere around brand loyalty.
  • Increase Referrals
    • Conveniently providing referral opportunities that can be taken on a mobile device. Comes with built-in referral tools, so members can invite others and get rewarded for it!
  • Add Personalization
    • Kiosk helps with this challenge by allowing customers themselves personalize their journey while also providing valuable information through apps that suit them best for filtering options they provide on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter hashtags – it becomes an interactive experience where you can get feedback about what’s important so we know where our efforts should go next
  • Offer Unique Value
    • By engaging a visitor at a specific location, you can offer unique value to them based on their location. This is useful if your in-market strategy has a lot of partners who offer a variety of services and experiences.

Schedule a demo

Contact us today to schedule a time. We want to show you how a touch screen kiosk can connect your destination like never before seen. Tourism is a booming industry, but the competition for tourists has become stronger over time. This can be attributed to globalization and people’s desire for information on all levels which leads them down an internet rabbit hole before they even get off their couch at home! Tourists have high expectations of their trips so when something doesn’t go according it leaves much room for disappointment especially if there were no major mistakes made by someone in your company – this puts more pressure than ever onto how quickly things needed done while still meeting customer needs along the rough process.

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