Part of our mission here at HootBoard is to help organizations tell their story and bring together communities while also making the most of technology to share announcements and information and to engage their customers within their own space. We’re also proud to be a part of the vibrant Philadelphia startup scene (Go Eagles!) and are passionate about showcasing the best our city and region have to offer.

Curated content network

Over the past few months our team has been hard at work bringing these two goals together in the form of a new HootBoard network for curated local content that we are now launching within the Philadelphia area. Our new HootBoard Local network will bring together events, attractions, services, deals, and more from the Philadelphia area and curate the best each neighborhood has to offer directly on our HootBoard kiosks throughout the city.

We’ve heard from our partners that this curated content will help engage their customers, add value to their kiosks, and help connect their communities to the larger Philadelphia city-wide network. The best part of our local network is that it will be primarily populated by you – those organizations with whom we already partner! HootBoard’s kiosk and screen partners will have special access to the new HootBoard Local network and will have the ability to share their own events, deals, and more with local followers citywide. The HootBoard team will help to round out the curated content with other attractions, events, and updates that we find valuable.

HootBoard Local in West Philadelphia

Though HootBoard Local is aimed at the entire city of Philadelphia, we’re starting with kiosks in the neighborhood of University City, or West Philly – where we have called home base for the past few months. University City offers a unique opportunity to work with a number of partners within different verticals and to test curated local content on a diverse population and within a robust urban center. You’ll see events from the University City District, tech and startup based events, food and drink deals from around University City, and attraction information from throughout Philly proper.

Local giveaways and contests

As we launch our curated content, we’ll also be sharing weekly giveaways, contests, and more as part of our Beta period so be sure to sign up for our special HootBoard Local newsletter to be notified of new opportunities! You can also follow along on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for notifications as we deploy HootBoard kiosks in new buildings so you know where and when to look for new screens to explore.

We’re excited to see how our new local network helps bring together the digital kiosks of Philadelphia and how the residents, visitors, and students of West Philadelphia respond to the content we’ve pulled together for them. And we can’t wait to expand HootBoard Local throughout all of Philadelphia!

Have a question about HootBoard Local or want to share an event, deal, or attraction with the local network? Drop us a note at!