Most organizations now a days have a social presence on one of the main platforms out there like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  We understand the importance of social media and know that some of the content you post there also has a place on HootBoard or vice versa.  That’s why starting today we have released our first social connector that integrates with your Twitter account so you can push content directly to all the channels HootBoard works on – web, mobile, newsletters, digital screen and interactive screens.

Save time and simplify your communication processes with connectors so you don’t have to double post! It’s as simple as including a trigger in your tweet and then your tweet will show up on your HootBoard.

Here’s a bit more how the integration works:
· Tweet to Hoot: post a hoot when you tweet to one of your boards.
· Hoot to Tweet (Coming Soon): create a tweet when you post a hoot

Here’s how to get started with Connectors:

1. Navigate to your Account
2. Click on Connectors
3. Select Twitter Connector
4. Click Connect to Twitter. You will be asked to authenticate your Twitter Account and then to authorize HootBoard to access it.
5. Create a Connector Trigger that will trigger y when you include this text in a tweet. For example,if your trigger is !hoot, whenever !hoot is included in your tweet, that tweet will be sent to HootBoard.
6. Select which board you would like your tweets to be posted to. Only one board can be selected at a time.
7. Next time you tweet or hoot, include your trigger and watch your post be added to HootBoard.

Try out the Twitter Connector 

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