Post a Hoot has a New Look!

Posting hoots on HootBoard has a brand new look! We’ve received tons of feedback from you on what are the most popular types of content that you share on your your boards. The new posting process makes it easier to post different types of information. We’ll be adding more and more enhancements on top of these updates to always make your hoots look awesome and easy to find. Here’s what the new posting process look like: !


And the best thing about posting, is you post once and we take care of making it look good and updating across all the mediums HootBoard works on. Here’s an example of an Announcement post on the different channels HootBoard works on:

Hoot Types

Posting a hoot starts with choosing the right type. This is not only important for you as a poster but for others on your board so they can find the right post at the right time by being able to filter to these categories. Here’s some ideas about each of the different types of hoots:

Announcement –  Get the word to all your members about new happenings.
Question — Leverage the power of your community and ask questions to members on your HootBoard.
Story — Tell your story by adding a more detailed blog post type hoot.
Event — Broadcast upcoming internal or external events. If you are managing your event on a different platform like EventBrite or Meetup, just paste in the link to your event.
For Sale — Tell others you have something you are looking to sell, offer or buy.
Deal — Let others know about a promotion you are running or others you have come across.
Job — Spread of the word of that newest opening or position within your employees or members of your community.
Achievement — Celebrate an individual, team or company success by letting everyone know about it.News — Curate the latest happenings from the web with links from popular news outlets and blogs or try creating your own article.
Link — Create hoots from around the web by simply pasting a link to that page. We support 1,000’s of sites and multi-media content such as Youtube, SlideShare, Spotify and more.
Photo — Make posts stand out one or many photos. We’ll create a slideshow when there is more than one image.
Video — share a link of videos hosted on popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and more.
File — Upload files in PDF, JPEG and PNG format. We’ll be supporting more formats in the future.

*TIP* Add extra data to posts such as locations, colors and buttons.

What’s next with Post a Hoot?

Lots! We’ll be adding more and more customization for each of these posting types over time so stay tuned. We’ll be making it easier to distinguish each of the different hoot types and even filter to each one of them specifically.

Happy Hooting

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