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A Canvas for Your Community

that sits right in your website

#1  Involve Citizens

Keep your citizens informed and engaged. Allow neighbors to help each other and enable local businesses to tell a story.

#2 Maintain Control

You are always in control of your board. Moderate members’ posts and comments. Create custom filters to organize content.

#3 Keep local ad dollars

Provide members with a way to advertise on your town’s board. Charge fees for one off postings or enable monthly paid subscriptions.

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From a Q&A forum to a listing service to events and resources, HootBoard provides you the tools to bring your community together. Use a Hootboard for free or turn your board into a revenue stream.

Easily Embed in your Website

Match the board to the look and feel of your site and then its as simple as a copy and paste into your site’s code. We’ll help you get setup!

Effortlessly Organize Content

Filtering, sorting & searching allows anyone to find anything at anytime.

Multiple Ways to Post

Start a discussion, use a link from popular sites, upload a file or create your own multi-media post from scratch.

Interactive Like Never Before

Email, call, text, navigate, RSVP, add to calendar or even buy directly from each post.

Hoot Display

Mobile Friendly

HootBoard works seamlessly on all devices even when its part of your website. You members can be involved with your community right  from their mobile devices.

Join the hundreds of other communities who have already signed up!

Our mission is to help you build stronger, more connected communities. Hop on board with the others who have already taken the next step. And in case you forgot, HootBoard will always be free for you, your members and followers.

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