HootBoard Selfie App Updates Galore!

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Company Updates, New Features, Product, Product Updates

Introducing Selfie Social Sharing, Selfie Themes, and More…

The exciting new HootBoard Selfie app is now even better. With social sharing and other exciting updates, it’s now easier than ever to engage your HootBoard kiosk audience and leave them with a lasting impression… quite literally.


HootBoard Selfie App- Selfie Share

Social Sharing for the selfie

Selfie-takers can now share their selfies on their social media handles with a click! A great way to get a free promotion if you ask us.  The email with the selfie sent to them will now have buttons to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with prefilled fields like caption, hashtags, etc.





HootBoard Selfie App- Customize your selfie app


Customize your Selfie app

Hootboard allows you to customize your selfie app to your liking with controls like App Visibility and Advanced Settings. Go-to: Apps >> Edit Selfie App.


More fun features!


HootBoard Selfie App- Advanced Visual Settings

Custom Selfie Themes to stay on-brand

Choose theme colors or add branded custom overlays to your selfie app. Branded overlays act as a unique memento for the selfie taker and viral brand promotion for you.
Don’t have a designer? Ask your HootBoard rep for FREE custom overlays to get you started.




HootBoard Selfie App- Advanced Social media Settings

#hashtags rule the world!

Set #hashtags that will be automatically posted when your selfie is shared. While you are at it, add a custom image caption so your users don’t have to type anything when they share their selfies.





Learn how to Install your Selfie App on Interactive Kiosk. The Selfie app provides much more fun features that you can try one such feature is to customize the selfie themes to stay on-brand.

Get your HootBoard Selfie App installed and start capturing memories now!
If you need further assistance, you can reach out to us at support@hootboard.com. We will be happy to help. 🙂

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