Newsletters in a Breeze

Sending info over email doesn’t have to be a never-ending burden. Focus on high quality content and we’ll make sure the word gets out.


No extra work is required from you asides from you and your community to add posts. HootBoard bundles up and converts content on your board into daily digests and weekly newsletters.


Your logo, board background and colors get incorporated into emails.


Trigger what time your newsletters are sent, add custom notes and more in upcoming features available in all premium plans.

Newsletter for
Pending Invitees

If you invite someone and they are yet to join, we’ll send them a weekly newsletter. This is a great way to get people to join over time after your initial rollout.

Other Benefits

Upcoming Events

Any events taking place on your board within the next week will be highlighted.

Push, Browser & In-App Notifications

Other notifications from HootBoard keep your members engaged on any device they are on.


Our daily digest sums up all conversations that took place on your board.

Exclude Posts from Newsletter

Have a hoot that you don’t want in the newsletter? Just uncheck and it will be omitted from future communication.

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