A lifetime of family memories


Document your family’s story and share it only with the people you really care. Bring together photos, milestones, mommy’s recipes, good reads and organize them all on your own private HootBoard.


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A Canvas for What Matters Most

Share and Communicate

Allow family members to share tips, articles, recipes and family moments. Converse on articles, admire accomplishments or plan your next trip.

Organize your Memories

Create collections to organize everything that matters to you and your family. Find loved memories even years later.

Keep it Private

Family boards are secret by default. No one can find your board and posts your loved ones made. You decide who can post and view posts on your board.


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HootBoard is your family’s private board to pass on from generation to generation. Use HootBoard in multiple ways to bring your family and memories together in one place.


Effortlessly Organize Content

Filtering, sorting & searching allows anyone to find anything at anytime.

Multiple Ways to Post

Start a discussion, use a link from popular sites, upload a file or create your own multi-media post from scratch.

Interactive Like Never Before

Email, call, text, navigate, RSVP, add to calendar or even buy directly from each post.

Hoot Display

Mobile Friendly

HootBoard works seamlessly on all devices even when its a part of your website. Your members can be involved with your community right from their mobile devices.

Join the thousands of other families who have already discovered HootBoard!

We’re here to help you and others in your family to be connected with what’s important – one another. Use a HootBoard to provide your family members a way to share experiences, stay up to date on events and help build a better future.