A Community Calendar for All to Stay in the Loop

Embed on
your Site

Add a calendar to your site in seconds and when anyone clicks on an event they will get a detailed view of the hoot.

Display Upcoming
Events on Screens

The community calendar works on our digital signage and interactive kiosk products too. Display upcoming events or today’s events which get refreshed daily.

Easy Posting

Add an event from the web or mobile. Using another site like eventbrite, meetup or ticketleap for event management? Just paste the link and we can take care of the rest.

Open Up to
Community Posts

Allow your community to add events to the calendar. If tighter security is needed, you can decide to pre-approve events before they are live.

Some of the Places You’ll Find HootBoard

Other Benefits

Add Events to Your Calendar

Each event can be added to your calendar from the detailed view.

Add Locations to Events

Add metadata to events like locations to make it easy for people to navigate directly there.

Event Reminders

We auto-generate an event notification a day ahead of time to anyone who is a member on your board.

Events in Newsletters

Our daily digests and weekly newsletters highlight any upcoming events as another way to remind people of events.

Subscribe to a Calendar (Coming)

Download the calendar file and upload to your calendar software. It will update automatically.

Analytics (coming)

See how many interactions are on your events and event emails.

Whose Coming (coming soon)

Get a quick idea of whose going to the event with an I’m Going button.

Integration with Popular Event Sites

If you manage events on other sites like Eventbrite, simply paste a link to the event and we’ll scrape all the relavent information into an awesome looking hoot.

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