Our Air product line is a multi-touch HD LCD screen whose sleek flat design integrates seamlessly with its surroundings.

•  26” – 55” sizes provide options to be used anywhere from front desks to hallways to lobbies

•  Come integrated with enough computing power to make HootBoard and other apps run effortlessly

•  Setting it up is as simple as mounting to a wall, powering it on and then connecting to internet via Ethernet or WiFi.

Touchscreen display

Screens utilize the latest capacitive touch technology to provide an engaging experience just like tablets and mobile devices.

Continuous Engagement

>One platform that can be used across web, mobile and physical screens to provide 360° engagement across your property.

Easy Ways to Join

Multiple options for your community to stay up to date or contribute to your HootBoard. You can show a community code or QR code. People can also email or text themselves

Customize w/ Branding

Add your organization’s logo and colors to posts to reinforce your brand.

Private or Public Options

Each individual screen can be managed to display public or private posts.

Other Perks

Both models come equipeed with motion sensor, bluetooth, cell phone charger and camera to provide new types of interactions in physical spaces.

What’s in the Box

HootBoard Air

Power Adapter

What you need

VESA Wall Mount

High Speed Internet

HootBoard Screen Subscription Plan

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